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Atlanta Tidbits

Atlanta, Georgia is located at the confluence of Peachtree Creek and the Chattahoochee River. Since 1868, Atlanta has been the capital of Georgia. It was established entirely to meet the needs of railroads. It was the first great community in America that was located at a place that wasn't significant for water navigation.

The current of Atlanta was on the frontier between the Cherokee and Creek Indians. In 1813, Fort Peachtree was the first European settlement. However, that fort has been gone for numerous years. The City of Atlanta constructed a replica.

The Georgia Railroad was moving westward and the Western and Atlantic Railroad was moving eastward in 1837. An employee of the Western and Atlantic Railroad marked the location where the two railroads met. A settlement was established around this location, which came to be known as the zero-mile marker. This settlement was originally named Terminus, but was changed to Marthasville, sometime later, and then changed again to Atlanta.

The first railroad went to Marietta, Georgia in 1842. Growth was continuing, and the year 1847 brought the incorporation of Atlanta that included the four square mile area center on the terminus. In 1848, the first election in the city was held, and then promptly contested by the Free and Rowdy Party and the Moral Party. The Free and Rowdy party won the vote. In 1849, the first telegraph was introduced and, within a few years, many different railroads arrived in Atlanta. Fulton County, which included Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs, was established by the Georgia legislature in 1854.

The population of Atlanta was about 8,000 people by the time the Civil War broke out. When General William Tecumseh Sherman arrived in Atlanta in 1864, there were approximately 20,000 people in Atlanta probably as the result of its role as a hospital center. Atlanta was burned to the ground as ordered by General Sherman, as part of his policy to crush the resistance of the Confederacy. However, Atlanta rebuilt rapidly following the war, and soon exceeded its population before the war.

Following the end of the way, the Freedmen's Bureau was organized and, until 1870, remained in operation. In 1865, Atlanta University was founded as the result of its efforts, and with some help from the Methodist Episcopal Church, in 1869, Clark College was also established. In 1989, the two institutions merged to establish Clark Atlanta University. In 1867 Morehouse College was established and in 1881, Spelman College was established, both Baptists. All of these institutions currently participate in the Atlanta University Center, a consortium of historically African American colleges.

In 1880, St. Joseph's Hospital was established by the Sisters of Mercy. This is the oldest hospital that is still in operation in Atlanta. In 1905, the Piedmont Hospital was established

The manager of a pencil factory in Atlanta, named Leo Frank, was tried and convicted of the murder of 13-year-old girl named Mary Phagan in 1913. However, soon questions were being raised about the evidence in the case as during the trial there were some serious overtones of anti-Semitism. Eventually, Mr. Frank's sentence was commuted to life in prison by the governor. However, Mr. Frank was lynched by an angry mob 1n 1915, who was afraid that Mr. Frank may not be executed. The notoriety of the event resulted in to two opposing developments, which were the establishment of the Anti-Defamation League and the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

The several different railroad train tracks all over the city presented quite a problem for vehicle traffic since Atlanta was established as a railroad center. The street level downtown was relocated one and a half stories above ground level in 1929. The original street level region is currently known as Underground Atlanta.

Led by Martin Luther King Jr., the scene of some protests against racial segregation was Atlanta. However, in general, Atlanta adopted one of the most progressive approaches to racial problems of any large Southern city. The integration of schools in Atlanta occurred without major incident.

In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Olympic Games. These games were disrupted by a bomb the that killed two people, while the games were generally considered a success. Eventually, a man named Eric Randolph pleaded guilty to the bombing.

The heritage of Atlanta, as well as its history is preserved by the Atlanta History Center. The location of Zoo Atlanta, is in Grant Park. Located in the largest old growth piedmont forest in the nation is the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The High Museum of Art displays art for adults. At the Children's Art Museum, the children are the center of attention.

Prior to the arrival of white pioneers, the meeting place for Indian tribes was Stone Mountain, which is located just outside of Atlanta. Carved into its side is a large memorial to the Confederacy.

These days, Atlanta enjoys a rich history and a bright future. It is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and raise a family.