New Infographic Explores Inflow's Full Suite of Business Communications Tools

At Inflow Communications, staying on top of all the latest technologies that can help improve our customers' business communications is a top priority. That's why we partner with some of the most innovative product and service providers anywhere in the U.S.

Meet Inflow’s New Video Conferencing Partner Perfect Video Conferencing

When implemented correctly, video conferencing can bring major collaborative and cost-saving benefits to your business communications. And with new improvements in video conferencing software and cloud-based video conferencing services, video conferencing coverage continues to expand with no signs of slowing as we near 2014.

Vidyo® Wins Global Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award

HD Video Conferencing provider Vidyo®, Inc. announced this week that the company has received the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award, an award that places Vidyo® front and center as a global video conferencing leader. The award was given following an evaluation of the top 3 global conferencing providers.

5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Make Your Organization Smarter

After an explosion of growth in the 90s, followed by an explosion of complaints as video conferencing at times proved unreliable for companies, people were understandable skeptical about its use in early years. All that has changed, as video conferencing solutions today offer a wide range of benefits for the organizations who adopt the technology.