Guest Interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Perfect Video Conferencing

This week we got the chance to have an interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Inflow's Video Conferencing Partner Perfect Video Conferencing!

Align Needs with Technology for Best Unified Communications Experience

Unified communications is awesome. Combining voice, e-mail, IM, video and even mobile devices with a single interface streamlines business communications on the whole and provides a platform to improve internal collaboration and enhance customer service.

Inflow Communications deploys ShoreTel Unified Communications Internationally to Singapore

Inflow Communications recently deployed a ShoreTel VoIP Business phone system for Fluidigm Corporation, headquartered in South San Francisco, California. The initial phase of the project involved installing a 170-phone ShoreTel Unified Communication system in California last winter. In August, Inflow Communications extended the capabilities of the single-image ShoreTel system into Fluidigms manufacturing facility in Singapore.

Inflow Communications Completes a Five-year ShoreTel® Unified Communications Project for Silverton Hospital

Inflow Communications, the Northwest’s leading provider of ShoreTel® VoIP technology, recently completed migrating Silverton Hospital and all of it’s clinics to the ShoreTel phone system. Almost 5 years ago, Silverton Hospital and Inflow integrated a ShoreTel® VoIP phone system with their current Executone phone system and deployed ShoreTel to their newly-built Wellsprings facility in Woodburn, Oregon.

Unified Communications and Mobility – The Death of the VOIP Handset Part 1

Nearly one-third of US homes don’t have land lines. 50% of those households, ages 25-29, don’t have land lines. A new Gartner Report says that, by 2012, 23% of workers using corporate mobile devices won’t even have a desk phone.

Why VoIP is the Right choice for Small Business Phone Systems?

Regardless of your organization’s employee count, number of locations, and budget, VoIP is the absolute right choice for small business phone systems. There are a number of reasons why a small business might be looking to upgrade, migrate, or purchase their first phone system. Either way, a small business should only be looking into a VoIP system. Do NOT purchase a digital or a hybrid system (digital system with some VoIP capabilities). Why? Many reasons:

A Definition of VOIP:

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks.

Integrating ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform with Microsoft OCS

So the 10,000 pound elephant in the Unified Communications room is Microsoft and their Office Communications Server (OCS). Between their OCS and Exchange platforms, they are now providing IP telephony, Integrating Messaging, conferencing, voicemail, and presence capabilities. Organizations can acquire this functionality via Microsoft’s standard Client Access License (CAL) model.

Unified Communications food for thought – Legacy phone system integration:

We oftentimes have larger, multi-site customers who have the following challenges:

Can I use SIP if my PBX is behind a NAT firewall?

Yes, using SIP registration, this is possible.

Two Types of SIP Providers

In my experience, I've come across two types of organizations who sell SIP service.

SIP Trunks Without an IP PBX

Can this be done? We're doing it. By using third party equipment, we can terminate SIP trunks and convert back to traditional PRI signaling. This extends the benefits of SIP trunking to those that don't want to upgrade their PBX yet.