The new era of business phone systems, vendors, and trunking providers – a comparison between yesterday’s model and today

Inflow Communications takes a unique approach to providing business phone system and Unified Communications for our clients. Without rambling on in sales-speak and talking about our wonderful products and services (ShoreTel being our flagship product), I’ll present a comparison between the traditional phone system equipment, carrier, and vendor model and today’s VOIP phone system models – the ones you should demand. I’ll break this up into three different sections over a few days.

VOIP Advantages and Disadvantages

VOIP phone systems, IP Telephony, SIP Trunking – this is the absolute core of our business. We’re heavily focused on providing VOIP solutions like ShoreTel and Allworx to our customers in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Wasington and the Bay Area.

Integrating ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform with Microsoft OCS

So the 10,000 pound elephant in the Unified Communications room is Microsoft and their Office Communications Server (OCS). Between their OCS and Exchange platforms, they are now providing IP telephony, Integrating Messaging, conferencing, voicemail, and presence capabilities. Organizations can acquire this functionality via Microsoft’s standard Client Access License (CAL) model.

ShoreTel News

Release 10: In General Release NOW

Unified Communications food for thought – Legacy phone system integration:

We oftentimes have larger, multi-site customers who have the following challenges:

A VoIP Cost analysis: Compare your current telecomm costs with SIP, Part 1

We’ve talked quite a bit about the cost savings associated with SIP and IP Telephony. It’s understood that the integration of a VOIP business phone systems and the right VOIP provider is a powerful combination that leads to substantial savings, better communication tools, and increased organizational efficiencies.

SIP – A great disaster recovery solution!

Beyond simply saving large sums of money, SIP is also a great disaster recovery / business continuity solution. Up until now, we have just had to accept the fact that we can’t build any sort of reasonable amount of redundancy into our phone services. The proper deployment of an IP phone system and SIP trunking providers has changed that and Inflow has been leading that charge for over three years now!

General intro to SIP, VoIP, and internet phone systems (Part 2)

This post is part 2 of a 2-part series. Part 1 was posted on Tuesday.

Inflow continues to assist local hospitals migrate to Unified Communications

Inflow has just designed and implemented the network infrastructure for Klickitat Valley Health in Goldendale. The impetus behind the project was to prepare their network for the ShoreTel VOIP phone system we’re installing this month. The current network was comprised of disparate, antiquated, non-POE switches. Our engineering team designed and deployed a fully-managed, fully-survivable, VOIP-ready network architecture with Adtran switches and routers.

ShoreTel News

ShoreTel 10.1 has recently been released for GA (General Availability), 10.1 includes several new features to enhance your ShoreTel system!

SIP: How to save money on phone bills?

I get so excited about the technology, how to deploy it, what it looks like in a fail-over scenario, etc. I often forget to talk about how to use SIP to save money on phone bills. Cost-savings related to SIP is the number one reason why our ShoreTel and Allworx business is flourishing in this economy. It is also the reason why my company is growing rapidly. Once people can get their head around this concept - the light goes on! SIP trunks can save a business 40% to 70% on their phone bills! So without spewing out a brochure to you, I'll talk to the real-world experiences we've come across and implemented and how to save money on phone bills.

Why is Inflow Communications so involved with SIP?

Hello, my name is Travis Dillard. As of the last couple years, I've become very involved with SIP - Session Initiation Protocol technology. In addition to being a prominent SIP provider, my company, Inflow Communications (, located in Portland, OR, provides business phone systems and implementation services for clients throughout the Northwest. Our IP PBX solutions include ShoreTel and Allworx.