Inflow Receives ShoreTel®'s Outstanding Customer Achievement Award for 2012

Great news! The award follows the results of an independently administered survey of current Inflow customers who, we are happy to report, gave us an overwhelming 98% satisfaction rating on installations since the beginning of 2012. The score reflects responses regarding Inflow's response times, technical competency (Inflow employs the most experienced tier-3 ShoreTel® support engineers in the Northwest!), training, and our unique sales process.

Unified Communications and Mobility – The Death of the VoIP Handset Part 3

I’m very excited about ShoreTel®’s mobility products. Beyond a potentially very quick ROI, it has the following benefits:

Packet Loss

Packet Loss: If your network drops packets, its essentially dropping pieces of the actual voice call. This obviously results in voice quality issues and dropped calls. Packet loss can be caused by network congestion, poor line quality, and distance. Since voice and video are both real time, there is no way to recover the dropped packets. Your network should ensure less than 1% packet loss to maintain toll quality.

Inflow Integrates ShoreTel’s Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX (Part 1)

Inflow Communications is the first ShoreTel partner to integrate a ShoreTel Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX for PBX and voicemail functionality. Cronin & Caplan, one of the Northwest’s largest Windermere franchises, with over 8 locations and 400 plus agents, looked to Inflow Communications for a unique VOIP / Unified Communications solution.

Traditional phone system purchase versus a managed phone system offerings:

We’ve posted a few blogs this month regarding the traditional model of purchasing technology and services versus a more forward thinking model – managed. Generally, the following points apply:

Integrating ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform with Microsoft OCS

So the 10,000 pound elephant in the Unified Communications room is Microsoft and their Office Communications Server (OCS). Between their OCS and Exchange platforms, they are now providing IP telephony, Integrating Messaging, conferencing, voicemail, and presence capabilities. Organizations can acquire this functionality via Microsoft’s standard Client Access License (CAL) model.

Do I need a specific type of VOIP phone system?

Different SIP providers are certified to work with various IP phone system manufactures. Some IP phone system manufactures require additional equipment to operate. Check with an Access Technologies representative to determine if your phone system is certified.