Custom Networking Solutions For Your Business

Inflow communications provides a wide array of products and solutions to accommodate the needs of your business communications platform. Along side our unified communications products we offer networking hardware, wireless networking products, and secure data storage solutions.

Brocade Launches New Solutions Testing to Support Brocade Solid State Ready Program

Brocade Communications is already fast becoming a leader in fabric-based networking and this week, the company has taken additional steps to increase support for the Brocade Solid State Ready program with new solutions testing initiatives.

Which Will You Choose? The Debate Between Flash and Hybrid Storage Continues…

New developments in recent years have led to a host of new data storage solutions, and it looks like the jury is still out on which option provides the greatest coverage at the most economical price.

Options Abound for Businesses Ready to Get Serious About Data Protection

There are few businesses today NOT talking about the importance of data protection and recovery in the digital age. In fact, a recent survey conducted by hybrid data storage provider Nimble Storage shows that 70% of businesses today believe that more than half of their data is critical to the success of their business, meaning if that data were to go missing, it would cause serious disruption to the business’s ability to function properly.

Nimble's InfoSight™ Gets Smarter

Yesterday, Nimble Storage announced important new developments for InfoSight™, Nimble’s data analysis and forensics engine. InfoSight works from the cloud in real-time to analyze millions of data points daily in every Nimble array, diagnosing problems and suggesting solutions to those problems long before they become critical.

New Infographic Explores Inflow's Full Suite of Business Communications Tools

At Inflow Communications, staying on top of all the latest technologies that can help improve our customers' business communications is a top priority. That's why we partner with some of the most innovative product and service providers anywhere in the U.S.

Nimble Storage IPO Proves the Sky is the Limit for Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

Much of this success hinges on Nimble Storage’s new hybrid storage solutions, which leverage the speed of flash storage solutions with more affordable hard disk storage. According to company executives, the new hybrid model not only drastically speeds up storage and access to applications (up to ten times as fast in some cases!), it also takes a huge bite out of network storage costs at the same time. Faster access at a fraction of the cost? Yes, please!

New Year, New Products and Services Now Available from Inflow

We're all still settling into the new year and, here at Inflow, we have plenty of new business communications products and services designed to help make 2014 a great year for our customers.