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Take a Step Back to Troubleshoot, Move Forward in Strides

By James Christopherson, Senior Voice Engineer As a small introduction, my name is James Christopherson and I’m one of the Senior Voice Engineers at Inflow Communications. I’ve been with Inflow Communications for almost 3 years and absolutely love what I do. I wear many hats, but a few include…

Adding a Little More ShoreTel Shine with Platinum Level ShoreTel Champion

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications We were listed in ShoreTels Circle of Excellence just a month ago and now were excited to announce that weve been awarded the highest available level in the ShoreTel Champion Partner Program, Platinum. Based on a combination of technical certification, demonstration…

Cloud VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways is Voted Most Popular Hybrid Model

When there are a lot of options, it’s hard to know where to start – especially with something as complex as Hybrid Unified Communications. My clients often like to hear case studies or want to know what model is the most popular among my clients before landing on a successful Hybrid Unified Communications model for their business.

Solving Real World Problems with 3 Point Communication Analysis

In a world where communication changes rapidly, it's no surprise when large companies run into issues of communication gaps, burned out IT staff, disparate communication tools making work frustrating for traveling staff, remote offices left on a "communication island" and overall, a loss of holistic, internal business communications.

Meet the Inflow Team at Seattle Interface 2014

Want to stay current with the technology that runs your business and secures your operational infrastructure? We've got just the place for you! Join Inflow today at the Seattle Interface 2014 show at the Washington Convention Center.

Brocade Launches New Solutions Testing to Support Brocade Solid State Ready Program

Brocade Communications is already fast becoming a leader in fabric-based networking and this week, the company has taken additional steps to increase support for the Brocade Solid State Ready program with new solutions testing initiatives.

Partnerships with Brocade and Aerohive Offer Reliable, Flexible Networking for Inflow Customers

The new partnerships provide Inflow customers with a full suite of reliable, flexible networking products to bring modern infrastructure capabilities to support Inflow’s current ShoreTel® business communications products.

We Love Making Happy Inflow Customers!

“I was impressed by Jenna's ability to handle difficult client like us - effortlessly. She pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions, tries to capture the essence of your requests and create a plan that meet your needs. Jenna is a great consultant with experience in unified communications." - Recent customer feedback for Seattle Inflow Enterprise Account Executive Jenna Swikard

New ShoreTel® 14.2 Release Brings Customized UC to Businesses of All Sizes

ShoreTel® has just released the new ShoreTel® 14.2 and businesses of all sizes now have something to get very, very excited about.

Nimble Storage IPO Proves the Sky is the Limit for Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

Much of this success hinges on Nimble Storage’s new hybrid storage solutions, which leverage the speed of flash storage solutions with more affordable hard disk storage. According to company executives, the new hybrid model not only drastically speeds up storage and access to applications (up to ten times as fast in some cases!), it also takes a huge bite out of network storage costs at the same time. Faster access at a fraction of the cost? Yes, please!

New Year, New Products and Services Now Available from Inflow

We're all still settling into the new year and, here at Inflow, we have plenty of new business communications products and services designed to help make 2014 a great year for our customers.

Guest Interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Perfect Video Conferencing

This week we got the chance to have an interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Inflow's Video Conferencing Partner Perfect Video Conferencing!