Three Contact Center Trends to Watch

Customers today have more voice than ever before, which means that new and innovative ways to meet their needs will also continue to appear on the horizon. Any company worth its salt will want to stay abreast of the latest trends in contact centers and customer service in order to retain its base of customers. Here, we outline a few of the trends we recommend keeping an eye on throughout the end of the year and into 2014:

Inflow Announces New Partnership with LiveOps Cloud Contact Center

Earlier this week, LiveOps contact center adds social media monitoring and response and a smooth transition across various customer service channels using an integrated dashboard that empowers both customers and customer service agents. LiveOps’ cloud contact center was created to serve modern-day customers who no longer wish to rely solely on traditional customer service channels such as phone and email.

Customer Service Trends for 2013 - the MultiChannel Customer Journey

We spend a lot of time explaining the virtues of the ShoreTel® unified communications system that crosses multiple channels to increase your operational efficiency and improve internal collaboration, but there's another component to achieving a multi-channel business communications strategy that is increasingly making the difference for businesses ready to take their customer service to the next level.

ShoreTel® Enterprise Contact Center 8 Now Available

Imagine a world where you knew EXACTLY what your customers wanted. Now, imagine you were able to empower your customers by offering more control over how and when they contacted you while still ensuring your own contact center agents were able to provide them with the very highest level of customer service, no matter what form that communication took.

Making the Call Center More Productive with ShoreTel®'s Call Center Solutions

Global Biotech Tools company Fluidigm Corporation has two offices in San Francisco and Singapore; maintaining a reliable enterprise communication system for the two distant locations is crucial for the company's success. After completion of a 200-seat ShoreTel® Unified Communications system at Fluidigm’s San Francisco offices, Inflow staff traveled to Singapore to complete installation of a ShoreTel® web and audio conference bridge to help the company reduce conference call expenses and improve collaboration with Fluidigm vendors, customers and employees worldwide.