I don’t want to pay for a trunk I might not use. Can I only pay for minutes used?

Absolutely. With Broadvox’s GoDomestic product, you only pay for the minutes used, not on a per-trunk basis. You can have as many simultaneous call sessions as your bandwidth can handle. This is very popular for outbound call centers and schools who don’t use their phone lines during parts of the year.

Do I need a static IP address to support SIP trunks?

No, with Broadvox, SIP trunks can be provisioned with a dynamic IP address using registration.

How does 911 work with SIP trunks?

Actually, 911 works very well. With Broadvox, it’s all about the number that is out-pulsed from the customer’s telephone system (which is usually easily configurable in the phone system). The number out-pulsed has to be a 911-registered number with Broadvox. The following examples illustrate this:

Do SIP providers charge for local calls too?

Many SIP providers will bundle a large number of local calling minutes into a flat price. If the customer exceeds these minutes, they get billed per minute for the additional local minutes. This doesnt sit very well with companies who are used to unlimited local calling. Thats why we like Broadvox. Broadvox will charge a flat rate per SIP trunk with unlimited local calling.

What contractual obligations do I have with SIP trunks?

This depends on the SIP provider. Broadvox allows for month-to-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year terms. Month-to-month contracts require that the customer pay monthly with an automatic credit card deduction.

How does the SIP provider determine if a call is local (and doesn’t meter at long distance rates)?

Again, this depends on the SIP provider. We’ll stick with the Broadvox answer. Like 911, it all depends on what number is out-pulsed to Broadvox. The following Broadvox products support local calling:

Can I mix long distance and local SIP trunks?

Yes. We often mix long distance SIP trunks with local SIP trunks. By least-cost routing long distance calls over the long distance trunks, you save the maximum amount of money.