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We can’t thank Mark enough for taking the time to share his experience working with Inflow Communications to transition from an aging PBX phone system to a VOIP phone system from ShoreTel®. This video is a testament to the ideals and core values that we operate by everyday.

New ShoreTel® 14.2 Release Brings Customized UC to Businesses of All Sizes

ShoreTel® has just released the new ShoreTel® 14.2 and businesses of all sizes now have something to get very, very excited about.

Align Needs with Technology for Best Unified Communications Experience

Unified communications is awesome. Combining voice, e-mail, IM, video and even mobile devices with a single interface streamlines business communications on the whole and provides a platform to improve internal collaboration and enhance customer service.

Why Companies Are Choosing the Cloud for Customer Service

For the past two years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in companies who are not only opting to move to hosted VoIP phone system, but are also increasingly choosing to move their contact centers to a hosted solution as well.

The Best of Premise and Cloud ShoreTel® Unified Communications with Inflow Freedom

We know that a lot of businesses today are being forced to choose--between hosted unified communications or premise-based solutions--but we also know that even though both offer real communications advantages, they can also feel entirely too restrictive.

New ShoreTel® Dock Offers Improved Mobile Unified Communications Experience

This week ShoreTel® announced the arrival of the new business-grade ShoreTel® Dock, a hardware device that combines iPhones and iPads with ShoreTel®'s Mobility App to offer users the convenience and ease of a desktop phone.

Go Further with Inflow's Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis

Sure, there are plenty of companies out there providing VoIP business phone services. But there's a lot more to creating a communications strategy than a telephone.