Pros Cons Genesys Cloud vs Salesforce



  • Fully customizable (Inflow customizes each of our customer’s agent interface to meet their spec needs)

  • Full ACD functionality aka priorities, skills, escalations

  • Single interface for ACD and business pbx users

  • No per agent salesforce licensing (No Genesys Cloud add-on license required; No Salesforce user license required)

  • Salesforce data integration available at IVR, ACD and agent desktop layers

  • Full management suite of tools

  • Data action visibilities, ie. record match or identity match (Reporting: We can see what % of callers in Salesforce)

  • All omnichannel communications in one app/screen

  • May require more web services with Salesforce

  • Salesforce must be open in a separate window (Salesforce blocks iframe functionality)

  • No Salesforce mix/match omnichannel integration - can't split up calls, email, chat, sms etc between SF and GC

  • Limited Salesforce experience - limited to web services details only (Each data category requires a web service)