Our X Factor

  • Rapid Response

  • Communicating With Urgency

  • Speed of Resolution

With this foundation, we’re able to provide unforgettable customer experiences, which is attested by our <2% customer attrition rate. We’ve set this high standard and employ many programs to keep us achieving it day after day.

Employee Bonus Programs

All Inflow support and administration staff measured daily and up to 10% of their compensation is tied to metrics around how quickly they’re able to respond, communicate, drive to resolution and create happy customer experiences.

Live Unfiltered Customer Metrics

We take it a step further and post these metrics and customer feedback LIVE and UNFILTERED to our website. This gives you complete transparency and us a deeper level of accountability to our customers.

3 Ring Answer Policy

Our goal is that your call will be answered within 3 rings by an Inflow employee that can assist and solve your needs on the spot – whether that’s a request for support, accounting or sales.

We guarantee we’ll be 8 times faster than the industry average in response. (Zendesk National Help Desk statistics benchmarked against IT and Telecom industry averages). In addition, if a customer (or we) feel we’ve fallen short of an exceptional experience, any Inflow employee is empowered to give the customer a $100 Amazon gift card

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