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ShoreTel Support

Rampant mediocrity plagues the unified communications industry. At Inflow Communications, we built our company around the principles of rapid response, communicating with urgency, and speed of resolution. This rock-solid foundation focuses on unforgettable customer care in all aspects of ShoreTel support. Our <2% customer attrition rate is a testament to the success of our award-winning support program, and we maintain these standards every single day. [/av_textblock] [av_image src='https://www.inflowcomm.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Screenshot-2017-04-07-02.48.18.png' attachment='13089' attachment_size='full' align='left' styling='' hover='' link='' target='' caption='' font_size='' appearance='' overlay_opacity='0.4' overlay_color='#000000' overlay_text_color='#ffffff' animation='no-animation' admin_preview_bg=''][/av_image] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Review the following information to find out why Inflow's ShoreTel support was rated #1 among global ShoreTel partners. We reward our hard-working employees based on customer happiness, speed of response, and their ability to resolve issues, which is why we are eight times faster than our closest competition - guaranteed.

ShoreTel Support

  • Our ShoreTel maintenance and tech support packages will provide you with complete confidence in your unified communications 24/7/365
  • You will be assisted by a support team entirely comprised of Advanced Certified Engineers who are well versed in all ShoreTel products
  • Our 98% client satisfaction rating sets the bar when it comes to ShoreTel tech support
  • We offer tech support plans for ShoreTel products that include software upgrades and replacement of critical hardware
  • Inflow has been awarded the ShoreTel Award for Outstanding Customer Service four times since 2010

ShoreTel Support Packages

Inflow Communications offers innovative ShoreTel support

When problems suddenly arise with your ShoreTel unified communications, you need support from qualified engineer who can quickly resolve the issue. At Inflow Communications, our unique approach to ShoreTel tech support revolves around customer care. Our support team is fully capable of helping you maintain the integrity of your ShoreTel unified communications by offering advanced training, ongoing hardware maintenance, and reliable software upgrades. Best of all, this unmatched ShoreTel customer support is available around-the-clock.

We built our reputation by remaining dedicated to ShoreTel support, proving that our approach is far more than mere words. We are proud recipients of ShoreTel’s coveted Outstanding Customer Service award four times in the last five years. We accomplished this feat by maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of 98%, setting the bar within the tech support industry.


Our flexible tech support and maintenance packages were developed to provide you with the care you need, when you need it. Frequent system upgrades ensure that your communications operate as intended, ensuring that you can meet the demands of your customers and satisfy internal demands.

If you would like more information about our support packages for ShoreTel products, contact a representative at (206) 204-9621. One of our qualified engineers will quickly reveal why we are the ShoreTel reseller of choice for businesses that rely on the highest levels of tech support.

ShoreTel Support Packages

A brief overview of our ShoreTel Maintenance and Tech Support Packages

We are proud to offer two fully-developed technical support and maintenance packages. Each will provide you with support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including ongoing system upgrades. We call these support packages our Gold Plan and Platinum Plan.

Both plans are backed up by the best, most highly trained engineers working in the industry. Inflow employs more advanced certified engineers than any other ShoreTel reseller in our entire region, so you never have to worry about the quality of your customer support.

Our Gold Plan and Platinum Plan both include the following customer benefits:

  • Monthly Administration Training – This includes all monthly training webinars without any additional cost.
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement – Phone coverage is optional.
  • Unlimited Support (during business hours) – We pride ourselves on answering the phone in under three rings every time we get a support call.
  • After Hours Support for Emergencies – On all major ShoreTel support issues, we return the call within one hour.
  • Response to Critical Alarms and Proactive Monitoring – We are often capable of identifying problems before you do.
  • Inflow Communications’ Backup Service – Never worry about data with our safe, encrypted cloud backup
  • Inflow Communications’ Analytics – Enhanced usage, tracking, and configuration reports that serve a variety of uses.

Our Platinum Plan for ShoreTel support and maintenance packages also includes the following benefits:

  • Inflow Communications’ Restoration Service – If one of your servers fails, our support team can remotely restore the backup using a new virtual machine or physical server. If necessary, we will provide you with a server at your location.
  • Unlimited Available Live, Web-Based User Training – Make sure your personnel are up to speed.
  • Unlimited Remote Changes, Adds, Moves, and Integration
  • Telephone Carrier Liaison Services – A support agent will help you with ticket creation, follow up, and escalation until resolution.
ShoreTel Support Packages

Never worry about lost service – ShoreTel Support
Our Total Protection Package is another highly beneficial ShoreTel support offering from Inflow Communications. It is designed to help you quickly recover from system failure, so you don’t have to lose sleep worried about the possibility of lost service.

The Best ShoreTel Support in the Unified Communications Industry

One of our highly trained advanced certified engineers will install and maintain an agent utility on your server. This will allow our support team to remotely assist with backup restoration on a new virtual machine or physical server. If this isn’t possible, we can supply you with a UC 20 server at your location, and follow up by monitoring the backup and working directly with you to ensure continuity.

Once your service is restored, you may either purchase the UC 20 server, or our support team can help with a migration back your own equipment.

More features of our award-winning ShoreTel support

At Inflow, we continue to push the envelope to maintain our status as the ShoreTel reseller offering the highest quality tech support and customer care. A few other services we offer include:

  • Unbilled, on-site support visits (if required)
  • An annual plan that includes all loaner UC 20 costs and engineering time
  • Complete backup and restore, although please note that individual user email cannot be restored after it has already been deleted
ShoreTel Support Audit

ShoreTel support and the most reliable customer care

When issues with your unified communications arise, the only way to prevent the hiccup from making you look bad is to get help from our support experts as soon as possible. Let’s face it; sometimes mere tech support just isn’t enough. In some situations you need reliable assistance from a qualified support professional at a moment’s notice.

Please take some time to browse our client satisfaction metrics and see for yourself how our customer support stands apart from the competition. There is a reason we place our support metrics front-and-center on our home page – because we are confident in the level of tech support we provide to every one of our valued clients. We are dedicated to helping ShoreTel users get the most out of their investment, and we remain at your side long after the sale is complete.

Get more information about our award winning ShoreTel support by contacting an engineer today

Modernizing your business’s unified communications shouldn’t cause you to worry, and you should never be forced to wonder whether your ShoreTel reseller will be there to help when something goes wrong. The purpose of ShoreTel’s products is to streamline the way your operation does business, while increasing productivity, lowering costs, and reducing customer response and resolution times.

Contact one of our highly trained agents to ensure you’re getting the technical support you need to:

  • Keep your personnel up to speed on ShoreTel unified communications products
  • Ensure that all necessary maintenance and upgrades are performed to ensure smooth operations
  • Get the personalized support you need to overcome problems whenever they arise, day or night, every day all year long

Simply call (206) 204-9621 to talk to a qualified advanced engineer.

More information about Inflow Analytics – ShoreTel Support

Your ShoreTel unified communications system collects real time data for every phone call you receive. Our analytics tool offers deeper insight into your customer’s experience and interaction, which allows you to develop better quality customer support. Would you find the following information useful?

  • Find out how busy your call centers and phone lines are.
  • Determine whether calls are being transferred to the correct person on the first attempt.
  • Assess how long your customers spend waiting on hold.
  • Get reliable data that allows you to determine whether you’re understaffing or overstaffing your call center.

One of the key benefits of using our analytics tool to gather insight on your ShoreTel customer support is that it allows you to better manage employee productivity, and then set obtainable goals. In fact, you can fully track important support data that includes:

  • Quantify why your top performers achieved this status.
  • Work with executive teams to set obtainable productivity goals for employees.
  • Determine how long it takes an employee to handle a single support phone call.
  • Find out how many support calls are being transferred and how many are being handled to completion.
  • Determine how many support calls per day are being made by an employee and the duration of each.
ShoreTel Support Customer Data

More about our ShoreTel support X-factor

There are three key elements that make up the foundation of our ShoreTel customer support philosophy.

  • Rapid Response
  • Communicating with Urgency
  • Speed of Resolution

These core principles is the secret to our ability to offer unforgettable customer support experiences. We maintain a variety of programs that allow us to achieve this status on a daily basis. Some of these are as follows:

Employee bonus programs reward our support personnel for their personal excellence. All support and administration staff are measured daily on their ability to communicate, respond, resolve, and generate positive customer experiences. 10% of employee compensation is tied to these attributes.

Live, unfiltered customer metrics offers complete transparency to our ShoreTel tech support customers. This means we have a deeper level of accountability to you, because all customer feedback is live, unfiltered, and immediately available on our website.

Our 3 ring answer policy means an Inflow employee is always standing by to offer you ShoreTel support when you need it most, whether it’s related to accounting, sales, or anything else.

Our 8x Guarantee means you enjoy response times that are 8 times higher than the industry average

Our 8x Guarantee is unique, because it ensures that our support team’s response will be at least 8-times faster than the industry average. (Zendesk National Help Desk statistics benchmarked against IT and Telecom industry averages). If one of our valued customers or a support agent feels as though we’ve fallen short in any way, any Inflow employee is authorized to give the affected customer a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

If you still have any questions about why we are the ShoreTel tech support leader of choice for so many of the nation’s top businesses, contact an agent today and get more information. Call (206) 204-9621 to get started.

ShoreTel Support Audit

Exciting updates that enhance your ShoreTel support from Inflow Communications for 2018
At Inflow Communications, we are always seeking ways to improve our customer service and assist our ShoreTel customers by updating and enhancing support features. Our Gold Advantage ShoreTel Support Plan is an exciting new way to get the most out of your product. In addition, we are also introducing new features to enhance existing Gold and Platinum Plans.

Introducing ShoreTel Gold Advantage – ShoreTel support for a different kind of user
The Gold Advantage Plan occupies a space in between our Gold and Platinum ShoreTel Support Plans. If you currently use the Platinum Plan, you already have access to all of the support features offered in the Gold Advantage Plan. If you’re using the Gold Plan, you can upgrade to the Gold Advantage Plan to take advantage of its exciting support features.

What are the new features that make the Gold Advantage Plan that increase our level of support from the Gold Plan?

    • Advanced call recording features
    • The ability to customize prompts for music on hold
    • Disaster recovery
    • Contact Center Success Management

Breaking down the Gold Advantage Support Plan features
What follows is a breakdown of these features so that you can determine whether the Gold Advantage ShoreTel Support plan is right for you. Remember that the Gold Advantage plan includes every features already included in our Gold Plan.

Gold Advantage Support Plan Feature #2 – Advanced Call Recording
This advanced call recording solution can be used for scheduled call recording, and you’ll quickly wonder how you ever got along without it. From your dashboard, you will be able to easily perform all of the following tasks:

    • Search for calls based on criteria like number, date, name, etc.
    • Add notes to any call, which then becomes searchable
    • See exactly who was on a certain call
    • Replay calls with skip functionality
    • Export any call as a WAV file for easy playback

Other features will be coming online in the coming months, including speech analytics and scoring functionality.

Gold Advantage Support Plan Feature #3 – Custom Prompts for Music on Hold
With our Gold Plan level of support, you already have access to auto attendant menus and messaging within a queue, but Gold Advantage allows you take advantage of the music on hold feature.

Gold Advantage Support Plan Feature #4 – Disaster Recovery
We will create a disaster recovery solutions for Both Gold Advantage and Platinum support customers in the form of cloud auto attendant capability. This feature allows you to manually or automatically set up a forward of your primary number to a DID that we provide to you at no additional cost. Customers will then be greeted with instruction on what to do instead of hearing a deadline.

Gold Advantage Support Plan Feature #5 – CCSM
CCSM stands for Contact Center Success Management. Previously this was a stand-alone ShoreTel support product but is now available to customers that upgrade to the Gold Advantage Plan.

CCSM provides you with access to an on-site two-day assessment every year. During this time, we will be digging deep into your operation to help you streamline and enhance your contact center. Our ShoreTel support team will take a hands-on approach by interviewing your personnel, examining your technology, and even observing operations to determine what your business is trying to accomplish. Once we gather enough information, our support staff will write a comprehensive report outlining our recommendations based on our extensive experience.

This allows us to do far more than merely discuss future support options – we will be capable of helping you with operations and business drivers. In our experience, amazing things happen when we go through this process for our clients, and we are excited about helping you succeed in ways you may have never imagined.

New Additions to Our Gold Support Plan – Upgrades for Current Customers
As a Gold Support Plan user, you are already familiar with all of the amazing features we provide. However, we’ve added some new features that you can start getting excited about. What follows is a breakdown of our brand new Gold Support Plan features.

One dashboard for Inflow Analytics
Inflow Analytics has a variety of uses that help clients make future decisions and for planning. Now you can access all of the core metrics included in Inflow Analytics via three dashboard screens. This makes it possible to get the most out of this powerful support feature from day one. This tool is the culmination of extensive work via collaboration with Brightmetrics. Theses three real-time dashboards will revolutionize the way your supervisors track queues.

This support feature works by creating a dashboard environment that allows your agency to see what’s going on in any queue they are a member of. The dashboard can be displayed in a variety of ways, including your web browser or on a TV screen or projector. Since this ShoreTel support feature is not licensed on a per-user basis, you can have as many people as you like open the dashboard in their own personal environment.

What’s visible via the dashboard for Inflow Analytics for our Gold Support Plan?

    • The total number of queued calls
    • The total number of agents logged in and their location
    • Agent status
    • Total number of calls answered
    • Total daily calls
    • Abandonment rates

By providing you with superior visibility within your call center, agents have more accountability and are empowered to make better decisions. This applies to the smallest tasks, like choosing the right time to take a break.

Even better, you don’t need to have Enterprise Contact Center to enjoy real-time dashboards if you have workgroups, because the same data can be displayed.

When you’re ready to start customizing your own dashboards, contact our ShoreTel support team and they will get you started, and even generate some sample dashboards on your behalf.

Platinum Support Plan – Everything and More
If you’re a Platinum Support Plan customer, then you get all of the new features outlined above. If you need help with any of these features, or are looking to upgrade your plan, contact us today and we can help.

We Are a Top Contact Center Solution Provider for a Reason
Our ongoing success hinges on our ability to offer a level of ShoreTel support unheard of in our industry. When we first started Inflow Communications, we established a series of core values that would catapult our level of service to dizzying heights.

    • Think big
    • Dream it
    • Make it happen

On behalf of every core client we serve, we go above and beyond on support, and then go further. By combining our unforgettable expertise with top level service, we do everything possible to ensure that our clients implement a contact center solution designed to help them realize their goals.

We work with some of largest companies in the world, proving that no job is too big. We also understand that problems arise, and when that happens you need a fast response from a ShoreTel support team member who can quickly address the problem.

This is where our 8x Guarantee comes into play. If we don’t respond 8 times faster than the industry average, we will pay you on the spot. Our confidence in our ability to offer this level of support isn’t mere boasting. To prove it, all of our support metrics are live, unfiltered, and available for everyone to see at any time.

Our 3 Ring Answer Policy means that your phone call will be answered in 3 rings by someone who can solve your problem on the spot. This applies to phone calls for support, sales, and even accounting.

This is the highest level of consultation, implementation, and support expertise in the contact center industry, and it’s why we’ve been able to maintain such a high level of customer satisfaction.

There is more to a good life than work
At Inflow Communications, we work hard and we play hard. We like to surround ourselves with fun people, because it’s only possible to do your best work when it’s balanced with the rest of your life. This philosophy generates integrity, accountability, and appreciation for our customers and each other. By staying true to ourselves we are constantly able to grow as a company and as people.

Contact us today to learn more about our ShoreTel support options
When we implement a support solution for you, we promise to maintain these simple goals:

    • Respond quickly
    • Resolve quickly
    • Communicate with urgency

We call this our X factor. With this foundation we have been able to maintain a 2% customer attrition rate, proving our customer experiences are of the highest level. This may be a lofty goal to set for one’s self, but we employ a number of programs to achieve it each and every day.

Whether you’re a new customer and would like to learn more, or an existing core client interested in learning more about our exciting support upgrades, contact us today and experience a higher level of support than you ever imagined.

As the #1 ShoreTel Platinum Partner in the nation, you know that you’re ShoreTel contact center support will always be top tier.