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When business gets messy, it's comforting to know that the Mitel tech support team at Inflow Communications is there whenever you need them. At Inflow, our unique approach to Mitel support makes it possible for you to get technical support, maintenance, and upgrades around-the-clock, throughout the year.

Our Comprehensive Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel Service

  • Get award-winning Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel help when you need it - 24/7/365
  • Our Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel service team is comprised of Advanced Certified Engineers - anytime you need help, you'll speak with a Mitel expert
  • Inflow's Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel tech support plans include replacement of critical hardware and all software upgrades
  • Our Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel service boasts a 99% approval rating
  • We guarantee to be 8 times faster than the industry average with customer requests

Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel Support

Inflow Communication's award-winning Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel support is designed to provide you with immediate care when you need it most. By including system upgrades to keep your enterprise running smoothly, we help you ensure that your communications demands are met so that your customers remain happy

About Our Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel Tech Support Packages

We offer two Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel support and maintenance packages, so that you can maximize the value of your plan. Our Gold and Platinum Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel service packages are supported by the finest engineers in the industry, so that you get solutions from real experts. Both our Platinum and Gold Mitel tech support plans include:

  • Monthly Admin Training
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement
  • Unlimited Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel Support During Business Hours
  • Emergency After-Hours Support
  • Proactive Monitoring & Response to Critical Alarms
  • Inflow Backup Service
  • Inflow Analytics

Our Platinum Mitel support plan also includes:

  • Inflow Restoration Service
  • Unlimited Live Web-Based User Training
  • Unlimited Remote Moves, Adds, Changes, and Integration
  • Telephone Carrier Liaison Services

As part of our effort to offer the best Shoretel Tech Support Orlando Mitel customer support of any reseller, we also provide you with unbilled, on-site visits (if needed), a yearly plan that includes all engineering time and loaner server costs, and complete backup and restore.

Find Out More about Our Mitel Tech Support

Modernizing your communications should make business run smoother, but when things go wrong, it's good to know the professionals at Inflow Communications have your back. Find out more about our award winning Mitel help and service options by contacting us today

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Orlando Tidbits

Orlando, Florida, managed to weather the Great Depression of the 1930's. However, it was now time to prepare for war with the establishment of training facilities, housing for servicemen, and the building of army bases. Enlisted men arrived in Orlando by the droves. The airport was once again enlarged and equipped with mess halls, administration buildings, a military hospital, and barracks. Orlando had a second airport that was called the Air Capital of Florida and by 1944 was home to major aviation parts and aircraft manufacturers. Numerous servicemen did their service time in Orlando, and, after the war ended, many returned to live in Orlando.

By 1950's, the population of Orlando had increased to 51,826 people and was the financial and transportation hub for Central Florida. During the 1950's, Orlando shared the bullish economy along with the remainder of the nation. The Orlando air base remained and grew, which resulted in the funneling millions of dollars into the local economy, especially during the Cold War. During the 1950's, the population of Florida increased by an amazing 79%, which made it the tenth most populated state in the United States. Tourists flocked to Orlando, with almost 4.5 million tourists in 1950.

The advent of the air-conditioner was one of the reasons for the influx of people. The air-conditioner made life in Florida infinitely more pleasant. In 1955, Cape Canaveral was established, which also fueled the economy in Orlando. Cape Canaveral became the headquarters for NASA, which included the Apollo rocket program that flew Neil Armstrong to his Giant Leap for Mankind. Also, during the 1950's, the Glenn L. Martin Company, which was established sometime later came to be known as Martin Marietta, who built the Matador Missile, and bought ten square miles for a plant, four miles south of Orlando. There was additional industrial growth as the result of this, and property values increased significantly. In 1959, over 60 new industries relocated to the region. However, even the most optimistic Orlando residents couldn't have foreseen the glorious future that was the ultimate destiny of Orlando.

In 1990, Universal Orlando, whose Universal Studios Florida park opened, continues to keep the stakes high and expand. In late 1998, it introduced a new entertainment district, known as CityWalk, and it also opened Islands of Adventure in 1999, a second theme park that included dedicated to Jurassic Park, Marvel Comics, and Dr. Seuss. In addition, during 1999, it opened the Portofino Bay Hotel, which was a 750-room property that belonged to Loews. The Hard Rock Hotel opened in 2001, and the Royal Pacific resort opened in the summer of 2002 as Universal announced plans to add two more hotels to the property during the next ten years.

Also, SeaWorld started playing a major role in Orlando, when, in 2000, it opened its $100-million sister park, known as Discovery Cove. Visitors currently have the opportunity to swim with dolphins even in landlocked Orlando.

Although the tourist economy suffered for nearly two years following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and was battered by three different hurricanes that struck Central Florida during the summer of 2004, as the years have passed, the industry has regained much of its strength. However, one disappointing casualty of the economic slowdown was that in 2003, Cypress Gardens, closed its doors, and reopened in 2008, with a new lineup of attractions and under new management with a new lineup of attractions, only to close its doors for good in 2009.

As usual, SeaWorld, Universal, and Disney are in the mode of building, although maybe not quite as enthusiastically as they were in the late 1990's. All the parks have added new attractions, ranging from the new dining and entertainment district of SeaWorld, to Fear Factor at Universal, to Soaring' at Epcot. In 2005, in honor of California sibling 50th anniversary of Disneyland, the attraction introduced new attractions, rides, services, and shows. The year 2006 brought with it the addition of the first real thrill ride in Animal Kingdom, known as Expedition Everest. The Cinderella Castle Suite was announced in 2007, as part of the Year of a Million Dreams celebration of Disney. New after hours Princess and Pirate Party debuted at the park, as well as new attractions and new shows. Universal Orlando has developed a permanent home for the Blue Man Group at Universal Studios in Florida. The Year of a Million Dreams by Disney continued in 2008, and the Disney-MGM Studios became the Hollywood Studios for Disney, and even more new attractions and shows debuted. Disney also closed its clubs on Pleasure Island in order to re-imagine the district. The eco-themed water park, known as Aquatica became the first new park to open in more than eight years.

In 2009, there was an economic catastrophic that took a resulted in a considerable Amount of grief for tourism in Orlando, which left the parks, restaurants, and hotels scrambling for business. In spite of the slowdown, two new mega roller coasters still managed to engage the public, which are the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, which is a combination coaster ride, music video, and rock concert, and an undersea themed thriller, known as Manta debuted at SeaWorld.