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When business gets messy, it's comforting to know that the Mitel tech support team at Inflow Communications is there whenever you need them. At Inflow, our unique approach to Mitel support makes it possible for you to get technical support, maintenance, and upgrades around-the-clock, throughout the year.

Our Comprehensive Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel Service

  • Get award-winning Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel help when you need it - 24/7/365
  • Our Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel service team is comprised of Advanced Certified Engineers - anytime you need help, you'll speak with a Mitel expert
  • Inflow's Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel tech support plans include replacement of critical hardware and all software upgrades
  • Our Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel service boasts a 99% approval rating
  • We guarantee to be 8 times faster than the industry average with customer requests

Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel Support

Inflow Communication's award-winning Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel support is designed to provide you with immediate care when you need it most. By including system upgrades to keep your enterprise running smoothly, we help you ensure that your communications demands are met so that your customers remain happy

About Our Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel Tech Support Packages

We offer two Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel support and maintenance packages, so that you can maximize the value of your plan. Our Gold and Platinum Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel service packages are supported by the finest engineers in the industry, so that you get solutions from real experts. Both our Platinum and Gold Mitel tech support plans include:

  • Monthly Admin Training
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement
  • Unlimited Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel Support During Business Hours
  • Emergency After-Hours Support
  • Proactive Monitoring & Response to Critical Alarms
  • Inflow Backup Service
  • Inflow Analytics

Our Platinum Mitel support plan also includes:

  • Inflow Restoration Service
  • Unlimited Live Web-Based User Training
  • Unlimited Remote Moves, Adds, Changes, and Integration
  • Telephone Carrier Liaison Services

As part of our effort to offer the best Shoretel Tech Support Columbus Mitel customer support of any reseller, we also provide you with unbilled, on-site visits (if needed), a yearly plan that includes all engineering time and loaner server costs, and complete backup and restore.

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Modernizing your communications should make business run smoother, but when things go wrong, it's good to know the professionals at Inflow Communications have your back. Find out more about our award winning Mitel help and service options by contacting us today

Columbus Tidbits

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio and it has 0.8 million population. It stands 15th place in the United States. It is also listed as one of the metropolitan cities in Ohio. The city is also annexed with the adjacent of both Franklin and Delaware counties. The city is named after its founder Christopher Columbus. The city is incorporated and came into operation in the year 1816. The city is being taken as the capital of the state because of its central location and accessibility for various businesses. It has become a hub for learning and social activities. The Columbus, Ohio's main economy is based on the fields like education, aviation, logistics, banking, hospitality, and technology. There are large numbers of private and public educational institutions in the city. Some of the renowned and oldest universities and they are Ohio State University, Capital University, Starling Medical College, and Columbus Medical College. Also, there are quite a number of libraries around the city with more volumes. After the civil war, the city is evolved with industries. Some of the manufacturing companies are shoe, cigars, and furniture. The climate of the city is humid and maximum and minimum temperature recorded are 106 and -22 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. White peoples are occupying in large proportion when compared to other racial composition.

The Columbus, OH is filled with notable buildings and landmarks. The Ohio Statehouse is the official house of Ohio State government. It is a two storey building and it is present in 10 acre land. The height of the building is 18 feet tall. It has a porch at the center of the building and it has been built in Greek revival style. The building is filled with art works in both walls and grounds. These arts symbolizes important events took place in the city. The center design of the floor describes the development of United States.

Columbus, Ohio is filled with educational institutions. The world premium institution Ohio State University is also present in the same city. The Center of Science and industry is a science museum is operating under 320,000 square feet place. It enables to conduct more than 300 exhibits at the same time. There are seven main exhibit areas present in this center. It has become a good spot for children, adults, and educational outgoing.

The Kelton House Museum and Garden in Columbus, Ohio are built during 18th century. The building is built by Fernando Cortez and Sophia Kelton during 1852. It is being maintained by Kelton family from its inception. The museum is representing daily life of people and decorative arts present in the 19th century. After the death of granddaughter of Kelton namely Grace Kelton in 1975, the property is opened for educational purposes. The building is renovated by Junior League of Columbus in 1976 and offering place for conducting special events and programs. The operation time of this museum is between 10 AM and 4 PM and they are charging $6 for adults, $5 for senior citizens and $3 for children.

Columbus, Ohio shows a keen interest in sports activities. Ohio Stadium is one of the most recognized places for sports in the United States. It is the American football stadium which is operating within Ohio State University campus. Initially, it is marked as the home ground for Columbus crew. It is also operated as home tracks for Ohio State University athletes as well. The seating capacity of the stadium is 104,000 people. It is the largest stadium in Ohio State and 4th largest stadium in the United States.

Columbus, Ohio has a world class entertainment landmark and it is called as Ohio Theater. It is opened during the year 1928. It has a seating capacity of 2,791. The building is designed with 21 feet chandelier and Spanish-Baroque architecture. It is considered as busiest halls in the State. More than 100 CAPA shows being performed in a year. The interior works and excellent acoustic have made this building to resemble as the tradition of the people in Ohio for many years.

With regards to shopping spots in Columbus, Ohio, Easton Town Center is acting as a major shopping center with both indoor and outdoor shopping places. The design of the place includes fountains; streets laid, and store front parking. People are able to find a wide variety of shops and restaurants operating in various sizes and shapes. The cinema complex is also present in this center for entertainment purposes. Around 25 million people are visiting throughout the year. There are more than 240 retail shops present in this location. The place is also awarded for its design and business occupancies. ICSC award in 2000, the business first award in 2003, America's best restroom in 2003, 36th grand award in 2008, United States community support award in 2009, and one of the most innovative malls in the world by inside retail in 2011.

Columbus, Ohio is filled with quite a number of parks and gardens for relaxation. Some of the renowned species are also available in Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The park is built in 1895 and opened on all days. There are number of plant collections and it is being decorated with flowers during special occasion of the year. It contains more than 400 species taken from the places like The Himalayas, tropical rain forest, and pacific island. On a yearly basis, Blooms and Butterflies exhibition is being conducted to exhibit seasonal butterflies. The topiary park is another attracted location in Columbus. It is referred as a landscape of a painting of a landscape. The center location is filled with Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the isle of La Grande Jatte. There are also 54 other human faces and animals.

Other places of attractions in Columbus, Ohio and as follows: Santa Maria is the art work to represent Christopher Columbus ship. It also shows equipment being used in the 15th century. The city is also filled with more number of Indian mounds and everything in different size and shape. Zipzone Canopy tours and SegAway tours of Columbus are attracted by adults that provide adventurous experiences.