ShoreTel Sky™

ShoreTel Sky™ is the modern phone system for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company. While other cloud-communications companies have added business VoIP services as an afterthought, hosted VoIP is at the heart of ShoreTel Sky™.

Feeling tied down by Premise?

Allow us to introduce you to ShoreTel Sky™ – cloud based unified communications for the modern business.

ShoreTel Sky™  is a cloud-based unified communications solution, a fusion of all that’s right with premise unified communications plus the added freedom of a modern VoIP phone system that’s available no matter where you’re located. In short, ShoreTel Sky™ is your ticket to unified communications on your terms.

Traditionally, organizations deployed unified communications systems by installing software and hardware at their physical location. Cloud UC and cloud VoIP solutions, on the other hand, provide businesses with additional system flexibility by housing applications and data in a secure data center that is owned, configured, and managed by your vendor (that’s us!).

With cloud-based Unified Communications, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Free up important internal resources with a hosted solution that’s fully managed by our highly-trained, knowledgeable voice specialists
  • Alleviate the strain of large capital expenditures with monthly subscription services
  • Add new services or even entire new offices quickly and easily with the added scalability of a cloud solution

Hosted unified communications also include CRM and ERP integration via ShoreTel®’s Application Integrator, giving sales, marketing, and service teams the information they need in one convenient package.

Not sure if a hosted solution is right for you? Inflow’s Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis can help you decide whether a hosted or premise-based unified communications solution is the right choice. Get detailed analysis of your current system as well as a comprehensive financial analysis that will help you determine Total Cost of Ownership of a new system PLUS a helpful plan for installing a new system.

ShoreTel Sky™
Hosted unified communications from ShoreTel Sky™
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