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Indianapolis Tidbits

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana and is well-known as a community that has a reputation that is encouraged by the city government, as well as a strong sports reputation. It has been referred to as The Racing Capital of the World and The Amateur Sports Capital of the World. The residents of Indianapolis have been the host of major sporting events that included the annual Indianapolis 500 racing event, the United States Grand Prix, the 1987 Pan American Games, and the NCAA Basketball tournament. Combined with an aggressive downtown revitalizing campaign, these events have helped destroy a reputation as a Rust Belt or a manufacturing community.

Indianapolis is one of the largest inland communities in the United States that isn't located on any navigable body of water. It is located close to the geographical center of the state of Indiana, and has been the capital of the state of Indiana since shortly after Indiana was granted statehood.

Congress allocated four tracts sections of public property for its capital, in 1816, which was the same year that Indiana was granted statehood. A commission decided that the best location would be in the middle of the state, on the White River, close to the cabin of John McCormick. At that time, they weren't concerned that the remote location didn't have any means of communication with the remainder of the state.

In 1821, Indianapolis was established as the state capital. A judge of the Supreme Court in Indiana named Jeremiah Sullivan, came up with the name Indianapolis by combining Indiana with polis, which is the Greek word that literally means city. Actually, the exact translation in Indiana City. The community was established on the White River under the mistaken assumption that the river would serve as a major artery for transportation. However, the river was too sandy for trade. A named Alexander Ralston was commissioned by the state to develop the plan for new capital city. The initial plan that Mr. Ralston outlined for Indianapolis called for a city of only one square mile, and, at the center of the city, was the Governor's Circle, which was a large circular common and was to be the location of the Governor's mansion. In 1857, the mansion of the Governors' was finally demolished and replacing it there is the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, which is made from neoclassical bronze and limestone that is 284-feet-tall. This is currently known as Monument Circle.

In 1821, the settlement was platted. The initial square mile being is currently today bounded by West, South, East, and North Streets. In 1824, the seat of government was relocated to Indianapolis, and in 1825, the legislature met there for the first time, although it wasn't until 1835 that the first capitol building was constructed. The year 1832, brought the incorporation of Indianapolis as a city that had a population of 1,000 people.

The main overland route into was, at that time, wilderness from the Eastern Seaboard was known as the National Road. In 1826, when the surveyors arrived in Indianapolis. they determined that the best way to proceed was to follow Washington Street, which was already slated as the main street of the young community. Within a few years, construction was completed and the road decidedly provided a boost to the fortunes of Indianapolis. In 1847, the arrival of the railroad provided an additional advance. The community received its city charter that same year.

The community is located on the original east-west National Road. The first railroad to service Indianapolis was the Madison and Indianapolis, which started operating in 1847. Expansive growth was made possible by the subsequent railroad connections. Indianapolis had become a heavy automobile manufacturer, that rivaled the likes of Detroit by the 1900's. With roads leading out of the community in all directions, Indianapolis was on its way to becoming a major center for regional transport that connected to Saint Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Chicago. As was appropriate for the state capital, the motto of Indianapolis the Crossroads of America. This same network of roads would permit easy and rapid access to suburban regions in future years. During the late 1800's, oil and natural gas deposits in the surrounding region aided the economy of Indianapolis to become rather prosperous. The population of the community grew quickly during the first half of the 1900's.

After 1850, the population of Indianapolis increased two-fold. Since 1852, the Indiana State Fair has been held every year in Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis 500 as well as the 500-mile NASCAR race, which is held on Memorial Day since the first race was held in 1911.

The Ku Klux Clan heavily influenced the politics in Indianapolis during the years after WW I, until the Indianapolis Time newspaper exposed their methods. The influence of the Ku Klux Clan declined rather rapidly from then on.