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By focusing exclusively on ShoreTel's unified communications products, we have the focus and experience to ensure you get the most from your purchase. Not only are we the largest Greenville ShoreTel vendor, we were also named recipient of the prestigious ShoreTel Global Contact Center Partner. Our primary goal as leading Greenville ShoreTel resellers is to help you find the products that best fit your needs, integrate them into your business, and then maintain them with our award-winning tech support and customer care. We offer total access to the entire suite of unified communications products offered by ShoreTel, including:

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  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid

Our Greenville ShoreTel resellers make it possible to integrate all aspects of real-time communication, including voice, Contact Center, video, desktop collaboration, and mobility. In turn, your clients benefit from the efforts of the Greenville ShoreTel providers at Inflow Communications.

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Greenville Tidbits

Greenville, South Carolina belongs to the upstate region of the State. The city has a population of about 1.4 million and it is considered as the largest cities in Carolinas. The city is being named in many publications and it resembles as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. A large number of working professionals is also present in this city. Greenville is present between Atlanta and Charlotte. It has a large number of small hills. The total land area of the city is 68 square kilometer and 99 percent of the land is covered with land and one percent is covered with water. It also experiences small earthquakes on a periodical time. The people in the city are experiencing small winter season and sometimes there are below freezing point as well. The jazz and rock bands are popular music in the city. The city is marked as the home place for Greenville Chorale which is formed in 1993.

Greenville, South Carolina has major theater companies and hence there are more events being held throughout the year. Bon Secours Wellness Arena is a convenient place for concerts and football games. This arena is built in 1998 at the cost of $63 million and it is being designed to replace Greenville Memorial Auditorium. The peace center is located near Falls Park and it is a good place for performing arts in the city. The amphitheater is also present in this center. Throughout the year, the center is being filled with classical music and various shows. The development of the center is done with the capital money being sponsored by local peace family. Centre Stage in the city is hosting new play festival on a yearly basis. It is maintained by Greenville light Opera Works. The seating capacity of this place is 285. Timmons Arena is present on the campus of Furman University and it has the seating capacity of 4000. The place is considered as the home for the basketball team for the city.

The birthplace of Greenville, SC is being reminded by Falls Park on the Reedy. This park has the total area of 32 acres and founded during the year 1967. The pedestrian bridge over the waterfall is marked as the unique feature of the park. The length of the bridge is 355 meter and it is made up of cables only on one side. The park is designed by Rosales and Partners and they are awarded for its best innovative design in the year 2005. The cost of building the place is $75 million.

For resembling the American art, Greenville, South Carolina has Greenville County Museum of Art. This place is considered as the largest collections of water colors in the world. It also owns collections of paintings and prints done by Jasper Johns. It has the collections of American art ranging from the year 1726. The portraits of civil war are adding beauty to the museum. The admission to the place is free of cost and operating time is between 10 am and 6 pm.

Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery in Greenville, South Carolina is operating with religious themes. It is located on the campus of Bob Jones University and it is named after the death of Bob Jones, Jr. He was very much interested in collecting historical collections in the University. It has more than 400 European paintings and it is being collected between 14th and 19th century period of time. The museum is operated between Tuesday and Saturday and working time is 2 pm and 5 pm. They are charging $12 for adults and $8 for children.

Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, South Carolina is operated for research and development activities. It is considered as the prominent place for studying life sciences. The center is opened in the year 1985 and good field trip for children and students. It has a historic telescope and it is considered as the eighth largest telescope in the United States. There is a number of science shows and exhibitions are taking place throughout the year. They offer online request for submitting a proposal of student visit on behalf of the school. GCS district elementary science fair and Greenville County and South Carolina regional science and engineering fair are notable events in this place. The center is operated between Monday and Friday and opening hours are 8:30 am and 5 pm. They are charging $8 for adults and $7 for children.

The economy of Greenville, South Carolina is based on textile manufacturing companies. This has termed the city as "The Textile Capital of the World". The city has two major health systems and they are Greenville health system and Saint Francis health system. They provide extensive care for residents and visitors for all kinds of medical problems. They do have all departments within the health system. They are also remarked for its work and services in the public magazines.

Other notable locations in Greenville, South Carolina and they are: the Paris mountain state park is filled with 1500 acre of land which is the best location for hiking, swimming, biking, and picnic. The popular Paris Mountain Downhill mountain bike race is happening in this place and it is considered as the qualified game for USA cycling mountain bike national championship. The upcountry history museum is holding histories of all fifteen upstate counties in the 18th century. It is mainly used for public exhibitions and educational programs. Greenville Zoo is operated with 14 acres of space and opened in the year 1960. It features African lions, African elephants, snakes, and lizards. They are charging $9 for adults and $5 for children. The Lake Conestee Nature Park is operating with 400 acres of land and it is located near Reedy River. The park has a rich collection of mammals and birds. It is filled with green forest and it is being named as a private wildlife sanctuary. It is considered as a very good location for educational field trips. The Rock Quarry garden is commonly reserved for the people in the city for wedding parties.