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Boise Tidbits

The Boise-Nampa Idaho metropolitan area, which is also called the Treasure Valley, has a combined population of 664,422 people and includes five counties. It is the most populated metropolitan area in the state of Idaho. This metropolitan area is comprised of the three largest communities on Idaho, which are Meridian, Nampa, and Boise. Boise is the third most populated in the state of Idaho, in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States behind Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Boise is also the county seat of the County of Ada and is also the capital of the state of Idaho. In 2013, the population of Boise was 214,237 and is situated in southwestern Idaho the Boise River.

Boise is bordered by the states of Washington and Oregon in the west, Wyoming and Montana in the east, Nevada and Utah in the south, and British Columbia Canadian province of British Columbia in the north. Idaho is twice the size as the six New England states combined. Idaho attracts over 20 million tourists every year primarily because the state has an abundance outdoor attractions, rivers, lakes, and scenic mountains. Idaho also produces more trout and potatoes than any other state in the country. As the result of the 72 different kinds of precious and semiprecious stones Idaho produces, it is often referred as the Gem State. Some of these gem stones are exclusive to Idaho.

In 1805. some members of the Corps of Discovery along with Meriwether Lewis traveled to Idaho for the first time. This made the state the last to be explored by European-Americans. During that same year, along with a reconnaissance team, William Clark tried to find a way passage across the Salmon River. However, they were unsuccessful as the result of the steep rock walls and the churning rapids. For this reason, the river is frequently called The River of No Return.

A woman designed the state seal of Idaho, and was the only woman to do so. The woman named Emma Edwards Green had formerly attended art school in New York, entered and won the competition that was sponsored by the First Legislature for the State of Idaho in 1891 with her depiction of several different natural resources, a woman who signified justice and a miner.

The deepest river gorge in North America is Hells Canyon, and was carved by the Snake River. This gorge is even deeper than the Grand Canyon, and has depth of 7,913 feet and a width of ten miles.

From 1905 through 1920 the State Capital of Idaho was built. It is the only capitol building in the country that is heated from a source some 3,000 feet below the ground by geothermal water. Currently the water system heats approximately 1.5 million square feet within the Capitol Mall complex.

In 1953, Author Ernest Hemingway, won a Pulitzer Prize for The Old Man in the Sea and in 1894, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, passed away as the result of a shotgun wound that was self-inflicted in 1961. A festival, exhibit, and memorial are exhibited close Sun Valley in honor of time spent in Idaho as well as the accomplishments of the renowned author.

Rigby, Idaho, is considered to be the place where the television was born. Reportedly, inventor Philo Farnsworth, who grew up this small community, sketched out a high school science paper with the principle behind the technology.

There are several different accounts with regard to the origin of the name. One account credits an Army Captain named Bonneville as the source. After journeying for weeks through rough and dry terrain, his exploration party arrived at the overlook that provided a view of the Boise River Valley. The place where they arrived is known as Bonneville Point, and is situated on the Oregon Trail east of Boise. Legend has it that their guide, who only spoke French, was overwhelmed by the sight of the verdant river, and shouted Les bois! Les bois!, which translates into The wood! The wood! The name stuck.

Long before Fort Boise was established by the federal government, the region was referred to as Boise. The original Fort Boise was located some 40 miles west, close to Parma, and down the Boise River close to the confluence of the Snake River and the border of Oregon. During the 1830's, the Hudson Bay Company constructed this private sector defense. During the 1850's, it was abandoned. However, continued attacks by Indians next to the Oregon Trail convinced the Army to reestablish a fort in the region during the Civil War in 1863. The new location was chosen since it was close to the intersection a major road that connected Idaho City, also known as Boise Basin, the Oregon Trail, and Silver City also known as the Owyhee mining areas. These areas were booming. In the middle 1860s, Idaho City was the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and Fort Boise grew quickly because it was also a staging area. The year 1863 brought the incorporation of Boise as a city. Located in north central Idaho, Lewiston was the first capital of the Idaho Territory. It was the largest city in Idaho in1863 and exceeded the populations of Oregon, Portland the Washington Territory, Seattle, and Olympia combined. After the establishment of the Montana Territory, Boise became the territorial capital of a much smaller Idaho.