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As the premier Chicago ShoreTel Mitel provider, Inflow Communications understands that your customers demand more from technology than ever before. To be successful, your unified communications must meet the demands of your business, so it makes sense to choose the award-winning team at Inflow as your trusted Chicago ShoreTel Mitel vendor.

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  • Our ShoreTel Mitel resellers are leaders in customer satisfaction, call center sales volume, project success, and the number of advanced certified engineers on staff
  • Your ShoreTel Mitel vendor can help you decide on a cloud-based, premise-based, or hybrid setup
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Inflow Communications - The Leading Chicago ShoreTel Mitel Provider

By focusing exclusively on ShoreTel Mitel's unified communications products, we have the focus and experience to ensure you get the most from your purchase. Not only are we the largest Chicago Shoretel Mitel vendor, we were also named recipient of the prestigious ShoreTel Mitel Global Contact Center Partner. Our primary goal as leading Chicago ShoreTel Mitel resellers is to help you find the products that best fit your needs, integrate them into your business, and then maintain them with our award-winning tech support and customer care. We offer total access to the entire suite of unified communications products offered by ShoreTel Mitel, including:

  • ShoreTel Mitel Connect Cloud
  • ShoreTel Mitel Connect On Site
  • ShoreTel Mitel Connect Hybrid

Our Chicago ShoreTel Mitel resellers make it possible to integrate all aspects of real-time communication, including voice, Contact Center, video, desktop collaboration, and mobility. In turn, your clients benefit from the efforts of the Chicago ShoreTel Mitel providers at Inflow Communications.

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