Remote Access Platform Change

Inflow Communications utilizes the new remote access platform, VX Pulse. This tool allows us to provide faster system access for support and the ability to provide proactive monitoring of core system functions. Additionally, it allows us to extend more monitoring and system health features for customers with Gold Advantage or Platinum Success Program (ask your Account Executive for more details!).

We ask that all customers complete the Remote Access Form on this page.


  1. Customer completes and returns the Remote Access Form
  2. Inflow will Install VX Pulse during a remote access session
  3. Inflow will confirm functionality of the tool on your system

Additional Details and FAQs

Software Installation & Requirements

  • Inflow staff will perform installation of the VX Pulse Client software on all ShoreTel servers
  • As a pre-requisite, Java will need to be updated or installed
  • The VX Client makes use of Windows Remote Desktop, as such we will be enabling this on all ShoreTel servers in your environment
  • Generally, these steps do not require a reboot or come with any impact to ShoreTel services

Please Fill out the Form

Completion of this form is required for Inflow Support staff to maintain remote support access to your system.