Leveraging Contact Center Data for
Dynamic Results

Free Webinar: March 29th at 10am PDT

With Chris Recio and Travis Dillard

Join Travis and Chris as they share “live” how progressive contact centers across the nation are finding innovative ways to leverage data, build better customer relationships and improve the bottom line.
• Take your contact center to the next level, using information you already have about your customers.
• Open up creative options for your customer and your contact center operation.
• See real-world examples of businesses that are leveraging their data for dynamic results

About The Speaker

About Travis Dillard

Travis Dillard is the President of Inflow Communications. He joined Inflow in 2006 and began shaping Inflow to be what it is today: a firm that strives to be the most focused and competent Unified Communications provider in the nation. He has been in the technical communications field for over 20 years and loves to share his knowledge about unified communications and contact center.

About Chris Recio

Chris Recio is the ultimate authority in the Contact Center industry. With 20 years of experience in technology focused solutions and after spending 3 years at ShoreTel, Chris joined Inflow as their Director of Contact Center & Advanced Applications.

* Inflow Communications is a national and global unified communications leader dedicated to knowledge sharing and innovative solutions. Please share this email with colleagues you think would like to attend.

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