Don’t Let Your Contact Center Fall Through the Cracks!

Too often people bundle Contact Centers and phone systems into the same category. If a vendor has a lot of experience with complex phone system deployments, they should have mastered Contact Centers, right? Absolutely not! They couldn’t be any more different.

Making the World Safer with Unified Communications

We loved this article from ShoreTel's blog detailing how unified communications are making hospitals safer. This post came shortly after our own announcement (and TV appearance on KATU!) about our efforts to make Beaverton schools safer.

Unifying with Layers - Disparate On Site VoIP Systems with Cloud Contact Center Overlay

What happens with companies that have a new acquisition or there’s a lack of standardization in the branch office procurement policies? There’s an easy way to solve this with out ripping and replacing all premise phone systems.

Consider Cloud Communication for Startups

We were just talking about things for small businesses to consider when choosing their unified communications model. If you've been considering your unified communications options, here’s a great resource that explains some of the benefits of using cloud based phone systems.

Aerohive Wireless Networking Gets Strong Scores in New Gartner Research Report

Aerohive Networks got a nod from Gartner this last month in the Research Group’s report on wired and wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.

CRM Takes Center Stage in the Future of Digital

A report published this past February by research group Gartner has predicted an increasing role for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in upcoming digital initiatives for CIOs and IT leaders across a variety of industries.

Why Mobile UC Matters to Your Business

We’re all familiar with ShoreTel® unified communications as a great tool when it comes to creating more collaborative and productive work spaces, but not all companies are hip to the very nature of business communications, which is change at a rapid-fire pace.

Thanks to all Who Attended Inflow's Luncheon Event!

We’d like to extend a giant “Thank You!” to all of our customers who were able to join us at last week’s Meet Inflow luncheon event at Bridgeport Brewpub in Northwest Portland! The event was a huge success, with 75 attendees from businesses throughout the Portland area.