defining operational excellence in contact center reporting
defining operational excellence in contact center reporting
infographic of 2018 by the numbers

2018 By the Numbers

top metrics and trends in 2018 contact center consulting engagements
benefits of multichannel contact center

Omni-Channel Contact Center: Are you prepared for 2017?

By: Chris Recio, Inflow Communications Dir. Contact Center & Advanced Applications It’s fascinating to me how many Contact Center options do not fully extend their solutions to meet the needs of today’s rapidly developing technology and the willingness on the part of consumers to make their…

Is your Customer Retention Rate Cause for Concern? Here’s how to fix it.

"Thank you for calling Customer Support. What is your account number?" If you’ve ever called a contact center and heard this on the other line, you’ve probably experienced a certain level of frustration as you repeat your name, account number, personal identification, etc. It’s extremely tiresome,…