Unified Communications: ShoreTel Vs. Interactive Intelligence

In the battle between unified communications solutions, ShoreTel and Interactive Intelligence both stand in the ring with diverse and compelling products. On one side, Interactive Intelligence boasts products such as PureCloud Voice, PureCloud Collaborate, PureCloud Engage, and PureCloud Communicate.…
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Take a Step Back to Troubleshoot, Move Forward in Strides

By James Christopherson, Senior Voice Engineer As a small introduction, my name is James Christopherson and I’m one of the Senior Voice Engineers at Inflow Communications. I’ve been with Inflow Communications for almost 3 years and absolutely love what I do. I wear many hats, but a few include…
closing the loop - contact center

Ramping Up: Deploying a Phone System that Works for Remote Employees

By Travis Dillard, President of Inflow Communications What if you were challenged by your CEO to hire a significant number of new employees within the next six months? He or she would want you to find the right talent that will do the jobs exceptionally well and meet the demands of your growing business. As…

ShoreTel Connect: Choices, Choices, Choices

To choose or not to choose, which is the better option? To choose of course! And that’s what’s great about ShoreTel Connect (besides it’s flexibility and reliability) -- you have delivery options. Why be pigeon-holed into one way of getting a great communications platform? No business is the same,…
ShoreTel Connect Reliability

ShoreTel Connect: Top to Bottom Reliability

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications Just because it's new, doesn't mean it isn't an ol' reliable. And in today's world, that's not easy to find. With all the technology privacy breeches, leaks and general tech problems, finding a new, sleek system that also offers reliable and secure service…

What Unified Communications Will Mean for You in 2016?

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications It’s a new year! What do you think is in store for your company in 2016? One thing we can count on is change. As a ShoreTel Unified Communications provider, we are consistently struck by the changes and innovations that happen both in companies and how they…

Rest Easy with the Cloud

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications We love this article by ShoreTel that talks about cloud phone systems providing the best insurance when disaster strikes.  As we become more and more reliant on communications – whether it’s phone, email or messaging – it’s more and more important…

The Importance of Asking Questions

Last week, we wrote about Heart of Service. It’s a baseline quality that both you and your UC vendor need to have. Besides sharing this with your vendor, it’s just as important to understand your company’s business needs and organization.

You Got to Have Heart - How to Check Your Potential UC Vendor's Heart for Service

As a baseline, no matter your companys size, complexity or industry, one thing your vendor must have is a heart for service. Below is a checklist to evaluate a heart for service:

Unifying with Layers - Disparate On Site VoIP Systems with Cloud Contact Center Overlay

What happens with companies that have a new acquisition or there’s a lack of standardization in the branch office procurement policies? There’s an easy way to solve this with out ripping and replacing all premise phone systems.

Cloud VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways is Voted Most Popular Hybrid Model

When there are a lot of options, it’s hard to know where to start – especially with something as complex as Hybrid Unified Communications. My clients often like to hear case studies or want to know what model is the most popular among my clients before landing on a successful Hybrid Unified Communications model for their business.