New Technology Trends That Are Changing Business Forever

Technology never sleeps. In the year to come, this will prove even more true as information technology trends continue to move at a record breaking pace, bringing with them a host of new opportunities as well as potential troubles for those businesses unable or unwilling to adapt.

Why Choose WLAN Network Deployment Without Controllers?

Inflow Communications offers a better approach to WLAN network deployment using Aerohive Network’s controller-less Wireless technology.

Brocade Launches New Solutions Testing to Support Brocade Solid State Ready Program

Brocade Communications is already fast becoming a leader in fabric-based networking and this week, the company has taken additional steps to increase support for the Brocade Solid State Ready program with new solutions testing initiatives.

Partnerships with Brocade and Aerohive Offer Reliable, Flexible Networking for Inflow Customers

The new partnerships provide Inflow customers with a full suite of reliable, flexible networking products to bring modern infrastructure capabilities to support Inflow’s current ShoreTel® business communications products.

Inflow Total Protection Package is Now Available! Backup and Restore Your ShoreTel System With Ease.

The new Inflow Total Protection Package is designed to provide the highest level of system reliability and peace of mind by securely backing up your database and files via installation of a utility agent on your server. This application creates and maintains a complete backup of your server so, if for any reason your server should fail, Inflow's technical staff members can restore your ShoreTel system on a virtual machine or your original physical server.

Options Abound for Businesses Ready to Get Serious About Data Protection

There are few businesses today NOT talking about the importance of data protection and recovery in the digital age. In fact, a recent survey conducted by hybrid data storage provider Nimble Storage shows that 70% of businesses today believe that more than half of their data is critical to the success of their business, meaning if that data were to go missing, it would cause serious disruption to the business’s ability to function properly.

Nimble Storage IPO Proves the Sky is the Limit for Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

Much of this success hinges on Nimble Storage’s new hybrid storage solutions, which leverage the speed of flash storage solutions with more affordable hard disk storage. According to company executives, the new hybrid model not only drastically speeds up storage and access to applications (up to ten times as fast in some cases!), it also takes a huge bite out of network storage costs at the same time. Faster access at a fraction of the cost? Yes, please!

New Year, New Products and Services Now Available from Inflow

We're all still settling into the new year and, here at Inflow, we have plenty of new business communications products and services designed to help make 2014 a great year for our customers.

Two Easy Steps to Prepare Your Network Infrastructure for Unified Communications

All the bells and whistles you install can only do so much if you suffer from poor voice or video quality. In order to successfully upgrade your current system to unified communications that support your voice, video, email and more, you need to be sure your network infrastructure can properly support it.

Can MS Lync™ Help Improve Your Organization's Efficiency?

With the simple and intuitive MS Lync™ interface, your users are now able to access many of the MS Office programs they are already familiar with--including Outlook, Word and even SharePoint. That familiar look and feel promises to help smooth out pesky learning curves and speed up the adoption of Unified Communications within your organization, making the transition between VoIP phone system, video conferencing, IM and email more seamless than ever before.

Some possibilities to think about:

Keep most of the existing handsets but replace your (most likely dying) voicemail system with a Unified Communications server that provides voicemail features like Message Waiting Indication. On top of that, enjoy voicemail-to-email, presence management, find-me / follow-me, smart phone integration, etc.

Inflow continues to assist local hospitals migrate to Unified Communications

Inflow has just designed and implemented the network infrastructure for Klickitat Valley Health in Goldendale. The impetus behind the project was to prepare their network for the ShoreTel VOIP phone system we’re installing this month. The current network was comprised of disparate, antiquated, non-POE switches. Our engineering team designed and deployed a fully-managed, fully-survivable, VOIP-ready network architecture with Adtran switches and routers.