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Choosing the Right Hybrid Communications System

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications Knowing and understanding your company needs, how to make sure they align with the right UC vendor, is key to any business unified communication success. As a ShoreTel unified communication provider, we’ve seen first hand how a company’s communication style…

Is Your Business’s Forecast Cloud (based)?

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications Remember how we were talking about using cloud for start-ups? Well here’s another example of how cloud is a great option for businesses that have been running on traditional phone systems and may need to move to cloud from ShoreTel’s blog. ShoreTel describes…

Why Student Safety and Antiquated Phone Systems Don’t Mix

Imagine it’s the first Monday of a new school year. Hordes of students funnel into classrooms and teachers immediately dive into the syllabus. Everything is going smoothly until emergency strikes: A student suffers an extreme allergic reaction and she requires immediate medical attention.

"They provide a superior product, superior design and superior recommendations..."

We can’t thank Mark enough for taking the time to share his experience working with Inflow Communications to transition from an aging PBX phone system to a VOIP phone system from ShoreTel®. This video is a testament to the ideals and core values that we operate by everyday.

New Brocade Disaster Recovery Platform Announced, Businesses Are Impressed

Earlier this week Brocade® Communications announced the company will offer a new extension platform that provides enterprises with faster recovery times for restoring data and applications after a disaster, or during routine backup and replication.

Inflow Total Protection Package is Now Available! Backup and Restore Your ShoreTel System With Ease.

The new Inflow Total Protection Package is designed to provide the highest level of system reliability and peace of mind by securely backing up your database and files via installation of a utility agent on your server. This application creates and maintains a complete backup of your server so, if for any reason your server should fail, Inflow's technical staff members can restore your ShoreTel system on a virtual machine or your original physical server.

Options Abound for Businesses Ready to Get Serious About Data Protection

There are few businesses today NOT talking about the importance of data protection and recovery in the digital age. In fact, a recent survey conducted by hybrid data storage provider Nimble Storage shows that 70% of businesses today believe that more than half of their data is critical to the success of their business, meaning if that data were to go missing, it would cause serious disruption to the business’s ability to function properly.

Some possibilities to think about:

Keep most of the existing handsets but replace your (most likely dying) voicemail system with a Unified Communications server that provides voicemail features like Message Waiting Indication. On top of that, enjoy voicemail-to-email, presence management, find-me / follow-me, smart phone integration, etc.

SIP – A great disaster recovery solution!

Beyond simply saving large sums of money, SIP is also a great disaster recovery / business continuity solution. Up until now, we have just had to accept the fact that we can’t build any sort of reasonable amount of redundancy into our phone services. The proper deployment of an IP phone system and SIP trunking providers has changed that and Inflow has been leading that charge for over three years now!