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Salt Lake Tidbits

In 1999, attempts by the Church of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) to buy the section of Main Street that is located between the Office Buildings of the LDS and Temple Square, for $8.1 million dollars, resulted in city council vote, along party lines, in order to approve the decision. There was a tremendous outcry from the residents who were opposed to any plan that would sell property that was owned by the city to a private organization, although the Church's plan was to build a large plaza with a parking structure on the property.

The LDS church announced that it wouldn't permit a free speech forum, or any other activities on the streets that were considered vulgar, such as smoking, sunbathing, or skateboarding.

Recently, there have been attempts made the revitalize the downtown area of Salt Lake City. These efforts include the purchase of the ZCMI and Crossroads mall by the Mormon church as well as a change in downtown the traffic patterns. After much of its population had relocated to the surrounding suburbs, they have the intention of connecting them, and then breathing new life into the community.

Among some of the city officials, one of their biggest concerns is the replacement of environmentially unfriendly mining industries. To accomplish this, are attempting to attract high-technologies industries such as those in the biomedical, software, and computer fields.

In 2002, The Winter Olympics came to the close by winter sports venues of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, in addition to Salt Lake City. However, scandal rocked the community, when it was learned millions of dollars were provided to members of the International Olympic Committee, in order to obtain the rights to hold the Olympic Games there.

Salt Lake City had made every attempt to be awarded the prestigious honor, in previous years but were rebuffed repeatedly in bringing the Olympics to their idyllic setting. The Salt Lake Organizing Committee's desperate and final attempt to land the bid for the Games, wasn't only full of illegal gifts, but also of real money, and a lot of it.

The U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation that resulted in 10 IOC members sanctioned and another ten members being expelled, after a Swiss IOC member named Mark Hodler tipped them off. the two heads of the SLOC, named Dave Johnson and Tom Welch were acquitted of all criminal charges in 2003.

Among the universities and colleges located in Salt Lake City are the Webster University's Salt Lake City campus, the Salt Lake Community Westminster College, and the College University of Utah. Originally, the University of Utah, was known as University of Deseret by its founder, Brigham Young, when it was founded in 1850. However, as the result of financial problems, the institution was forced to close in 1852. In 1867, the institution was given new life when under new direction by a Young constituent and local businessman, named David O. Calder, the institution reopened. In 1894, the name of the institution was changed back to the University of Utah.

Salt Lake City is home to several centers of cultural activities and museums, that include the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Clark Planetarium, which houses an IMX theater, the Utah Pioneer Memorial Museum, The Utah Museum of natural History, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Starting with a dream and 47 ancestors of those who first arrived in the Great Salt Lake in 1847, the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Memorial Museum displays the history of those who started their 2,000-mile journey in Navaho, Illinois, in addition to memorabilia as well as artifacts from the fusing of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads at Promontory Point, in May 1869.

In 1900, it originally started out at the Mormon Tabernacle, its choir has been giving performances at Abravanel Hall since the 1990's. President Ronald Reagan considered it America's Choir, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been performing on the oldest continuous American network radio broadcast in this nation, since 1929.

Every year in Salt Lake City, there is a statewide holiday, known as Pioneer Day, which a weeklong festival that includes many different activities, such as a fireworks display at Liberty Park, a horse parade, and a children's parade. It also features the Days of 1947 parade, all to celebrate the arrival of Brigham Young and 148 others, to the Great Salt Lake valley.

Major sports activities in the area include skiing at any of the close by resorts in the Wasatch Range. Some resorts also permit snowboarding and other snow-related/winter sports.

Down in the valley, Salt Lake City is also home to the Salt Lake Bees minor league baseball team, which is a farm team for the Los Angeles Angels, as well as the NBA Utah Jazz basketball team. In 2005, The Real Salt Lake started playing major league soccer games n Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Since there are no professional football teams in Utah, the intense rivalry between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah fans satiated. The Cougar/Ute yearly meeting is considered to be as intense as a Holy war although Utah is a public university.