ShoreTel Sky

Rather than purchase, install and maintain an application, ShoreTel Sky users subscribe to a monthly service in which cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) are located in secure data centers, and vendors take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them.

Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections. The benefits of the cloud phone systems are plentiful:

  • Expert project managers to run your implementation.
  • A dedicated team that monitors system issues and feature usage.
  • On-demand support and training, not only for system administrators, but also for end users who simply double-tap the “?” button on their phones to reach support.
  • Attention to your customer’s customer. The right call flow gets callers where they want to go quickly, keeping your staff exactly as accessible as the want to be.
  • Experts-on-the-tap to guide you through using our value added services like contact center or application integration.
  • Focus on the future of cloud communications and resources dedicated to further innovation.

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