Mitel/ShoreTel MiVoice Connect ONSITE

For security or privacy reasons, some companies are required to control their own data, so an onsite phone system is right for them. Other companies simply feel more comfortable knowing that they are in control of all maintenance, management and upgrades. When local control is essential,  ShoreTel is a smart choice for in-house service management.

At Inflow, we will walk you through all of the considerations for choosing a new business communications solution, whether that’s hosted unified communications, on-premises or hybrid communications platform.

Our clients enjoy access to ShoreTel’s full suite of both premise and hosted ShoreTel unified communications products, giving them the ability to choose the best fit.

  • ShoreTel Connect Onsite Architecture

    • Signature modular architecture distributes system intelligence across your entire network, no matter how many locations.
    • Deploy ShoreTel voice router and app hardware onsite or run virtualized in your data center.
    • Nredundancy provides for automatic fail over for a WAN outage, for a voice switch outage or for an application server outage
    • Voice switches operate independently of your network, never lose dial tone.
  • Capitalize Your Expenses – Total Cost Of Ownership

    Time is money, and it can be very time-consuming to calculate the true cost of maintaining a number of the on-premises solutions available today. This total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important metric when researching on site business communications options.

    Inflow’s team will help you calculate and consider every expense your ShoreTel system will incur, from the upfront capital investment through the costs of deployment, maintenance and on-going system management.

  • Running Your Own Data Center? Consider This.

    With the growth of virtualization, more and more businesses have eliminated redundant and expensive servers and instead rely on VMware and Hyper-V technologies to share hardware resources across an array of applications.

    Deploying a virtualized communications platform on your industry-standard x86 servers makes good sense and increases your data center ROI.

    Inflow has been helping clients to design and deploy ShoreTel wisely. Companies that have multiple locations can even “mix and match” their onsite deployments, putting the virtual phone system at their headquarters while utilizing fail-safe, solid state ShoreTel voice switch appliances in field offices.

  • International Operations With A Reliable Solution

    Global organizations want to trust their control and quality, but in some locations, international public Internet may be less reliable. In these situations, an on-premises phone system makes sense, especially because Inflow offers a hybrid solution that allows the on site and cloud deployments to work as a unified system with full 4-digit extension dialing, call transfer and employee directories.

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