Connect Readiness Review

Is Your System “Connect-Ready?”

Mitel/ShoreTel Connect Readiness Review

The much anticipated ShoreTel Connect platform is sophisticated and complex. Is your infrastructure properly set up to be able to handle its complexity? Find out if your system is a “Go/No-Go” with our Connect Readiness Assessment. One of our Senior ShoreTel engineers will analyze your infrastructure and provide with you a report that addresses areas of concern and technical recommendations. You can rest assured that you are completely ready and prepared for an easy transition when it’s time to migrate to Connect.

What’s Included?

  • Server Hardware Readiness

  • Operating System Readiness

  • ShoreTel Voice Switch Boot Rom Readiness

  • Database Readiness and Stability

  • Event and Server Log Review for Potential Pitfalls

  • Client Software Readiness Assessment Checklists

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Upgrade Checklist

Download our Upgrade Checklist to see if your system is ready for Connect.

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