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  • Inflow Communications is the premier Gold ShoreTel Dealer in the region, focused on designing and implementing ShorTel Unified Communications for business
  • ShoreTel’s complete line of communications products seamlessly integrate voice, video, email, fax, instant messaging, presence, mobile devices, and business applications
  • Our innovative customer service is the envy among ShoreTel dealers – we make sure you always look good
  • As winners of the 2015 ShoreTel Global Contact Center Partner Award, we are proven leaders in customer satisfaction and project success
  • Modernize your business’s communications with help from our Advanced Certified ShoreTel Engineers – Call (206) 204-9621


A Different Kind of ShoreTel Dealer

Is it time to modernize your business communications? ShoreTel is leading the way as unified communications innovators, but your choice of ShoreTel dealer will significantly affect the design and deployment of your ShoreTel package.

Another key consideration when choosing a dealer is how they will continue to back you up after the integration is complete. When issues arise, will your dealer be there to help get you back on track without delay?

At Inflow Communications, we approach unified communications from a different perspective, and it’s why we’ve maintained a 98% client satisfaction rating, received the ShoreTel Award for Outstanding Customer Service four times since 2010, and were recipients of the 2015 ShoreTel Global Contact Center Partner in 2015, from a field of 600 dealers.

Obviously, we’re doing something right. Why are we the ShoreTel reseller of choice for some of the most recognized names in business today?

Design, Deployment, and Support from a Team of Professionals

When you work with us, you have direct access to ShoreTel engineering talent with unmatched technical knowledge and real-world experience. In fact, our team of ShoreTel engineers installs a new system once a week on average, and when you focus on one thing it’s natural to do it better than anyone else.

Your communications needs are unique to your business. Whether you’re a startup with lofty goals or a multi-national company with branches all over the world, you need unified communications that address your specific needs and acknowledge your ambition.

From the start, we work with you to identify the ShoreTel products and deployment that will best suit your goals. But we are far more than mere ShoreTel dealers – we maintain an ongoing partnership providing innovative customer care that exceeds anything you’re likely used to.

With our support as the most recognized ShoreTel dealer in the industry, you can enjoy:

  • Working with the most Advanced Certified ShoreTel Engineers hired by any dealer
  • Design and deployment support based on real experience
  • Professional ShoreTel training services for users and administrators
  • Data network expertise
  • Medium to large business support services
  • On-site, cloud, and hybrid deployment
  • Customer service designed to resolve major issues 24/7/365
  • “5 x Guarantee” – Guaranteed to be 5 times faster to respond and resolve than the industry average or we pay you.

Additionally, our customer service engineers can be reached by phone, email, web chat, or our easy-to-use customer support portal. We maintain our 98% client satisfaction rating through impeccable networking and service infrastructure, making us the ShoreTel dealer of choice for businesses that recognize the importance of supporting their own clients.

ShoreTel Dealers

Getting to Know the ShoreTel Unified Communications Products

Because we exclusively ShoreTel dealers, we have an in-depth knowledge of their products and how they may be best used in a variety of applications. We will guide you through the process of ShoreTel design and deployment, offering suggestions based on our extensive experience. You will also have complete access to the entire ShoreTel suite of products, so there is virtually no limit to what we can accomplish.

As ShoreTel resellers, we offer the following services and products:

  • ShoreTel Connect On Site
  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud
  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid
  • ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
  • Contact Center for Cloud and Microsoft Skype for Business
  • InContact – The Industry Leader in Contact Center for Cloud and Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Video Conferencing
  • Network infrastructure

ShoreTel Connect On Site offers easy integration with a variety of business systems . It also provides users with increased security and the ability to promote business continuity by customizing a recovery solution into the ShoreTel system.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud allows vital internal resources to be used elsewhere. Not only does this ShoreTel product prevent the need for large capital expenditures for equipment, but it is also scalable which allows for the quick addition of new offices and services.

ShoreTel Connect Hybrid offers total freedom on the deployment of your unified communications. You can keep business hubs on-site, while remote offices operate in the cloud. All offices are able to maintain seamless communication with feature transparency and direct dialing.

As a trusted ShoreTel dealer, we have walked numerous businesses through the necessary steps of creating a unified communications design that meets their demands. After a successful deployment, we continue to back you up with hardware and software maintenance, ongoing training, and easy upgrades.

Sometimes Business Gets Messy – We Have Your Back When Problems Arise

For us to look good, we have to make sure you look good. In business, problems are unavoidable, but how you respond to problems separates you from the pack. When issues arise, we go further than any other ShoreTel dealer by offering support designed to get you back on track without delay.

When you reach out to use during business hours, you will speak with an advanced certified ShoreTel engineer capable of resolving your issue. We will answer the phone in three rings or less – guaranteed. If it’s after business hours, we will call you back within one hour on all major ShoreTel issues.

That equates to professional assistance whenever you need it – 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Contact Us Today and Modernize Your Business Communications

Speak with one of our engineers today by calling (206) 204-9621, and start developing a ShoreTel unified communications plan that will increase productivity while lowering your expense. When you work with Inflow Communications, you work with a ShoreTel dealer with a modern approach to the design, deployment, and ongoing support of your unified communications system.