Enterprise Contact Center

Enterprise Contact Center

• ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is the industry standard in modern unified communications
• Modernize the way your business communicates by seamlessly integrating email, phone systems, web chat and other formats
• Integration of Contact Center can be cloud-based, on-site or hybrid, making it possible to link multiple offices around the world
• At Inflow Communications, we recognize your need for a contact center solution that improves your level of customer care and reduces overall costs
• Speak to one of our Advanced Certified ShoreTel Contact Center Engineers about how we can help you

What is Enterprise Contact Center?

While most everyone is familiar with a call center, a modern contact center seeks to acknowledge the changing ways that customers communicate with businesses. Advances in technology have forced businesses to seek ways to unify various forms of communication into one easy-to-manage system, seamlessly integrating email, chat and phone.

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) sets the bar for modernized, versatile communications that will give your startup the edge it needs to compete, or further streamline your multi-national company with offices all over the globe.

At Inflow Communications, we pride ourselves on being the ShoreTel Enterprise reseller of choice for businesses that demand more of themselves, and more from their Contact Center provider. We offer cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid deployment for unified communication systems designed to help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

No other company is better qualified to design and integrate your ShoreTel Contact Center communications package, so contact us today at (206) 204-9621, and get assistance from a team of engineers that installs a ShoreTel Enterprise system once per week, on average. We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else by hiring the best engineers in the business while offering white-glove customer service that will keep you looking good.

Establish a Contact Center that Keeps You Connected to Your Customers

The way we communicate has changed dramatically in the last decade – has your business contact center acknowledged these new technologies or are you still living in the past? ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center was designed to seamlessly integrate various forms of communication like chat, phone and email into a single interface.

Agents utilizing Contact Center have advanced options at their disposal, which allow them to immediately access customer information, detailed histories and the power to instantly route the calls anywhere within the network – across the office or around the world.

Our advanced certified engineers can help you integrate Contact Center as part of your ShoreTel Enterprise deployment, instantly providing you with new and innovative ways to better serve your clients. Indeed, we know how to get the most out of ShoreTel Enterprise unified communication systems because we remain highly focused on this one area of expertise.

Our goal is to offer you business intelligence where you need it most, by modernizing your communications with a contact center that gives you power and control that include detailed metrics on your response and resolution times.

Advantages to Using ShoreTel’s Contact Center

The Enterprise Contact Center offers a host of features that will not only allow you maximize efficiency, but in turn minimize your costs. This is a win/win because your customers are rewarded with cutting-edge, innovative service while the workload of your personnel is minimized.

Some key features of Contact Center include:

  • Optimized call routing
  • Instant access to calls, texts, reports and more
  • The ability to route voicemail to individual agents via email
  • Detailed customer information can be immediately accessed
  • VIPs can be instantly identified and routed accordingly
  • Any customer’s historical information is available in real-time

Contact Center also allows for the tracking of call volumes and their outcomes. Detailed reports allow you to get the most out of your personnel, maximize resolution times and keep customers happy.

Outbound dialing is another advanced Contact Center feature that allows agents to preview customer profiles, blend incoming and outgoing calls and schedule targeted campaigns specifically to various time zones, weeks or days.

Why Inflow Communications is The Best Choice for Your Contact Center Solution

We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. We sell, design, and support ShoreTel Enterprise unified communication systems. By employing the most Advanced Certified Engineers than any other ShoreTel Enterprise reseller, we offer a level of professionalism that will allow you get the most from your Contact Center investment.

Our unrivaled focus on customer care always ensures that you look good. Our customer service innovations are the envy of the industry, and we are so proud of what we’ve accomplished that we post live metrics to prove we do things differently than any other ShoreTel Enterprise reseller.

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center is far more than any “call center.” It is intuitive, powerful and easy to use. This holds true whether your business is just getting started and want to create a powerful image, or you run a multi-national contact center that operates globally 365 days a year. With IP telephony, robust reporting features, built-in application integration and multi-modal communications tools, ECC is the standard by which the industry measures quality customer care.

When you buy the best, it makes sense to work with the best. At Inflow Communications, we offer the same level of customer care that we sell. You can speak with an advanced certified engineer 24/7/365 during business hours, and we will never let the phone ring more than three times. If it’s after business hours, we will contact you within an hour on all major contact center issues.

Contact us via phone, email, web chat or customer service portal because we cater to your needs every step of the way.

Contact Center Solutions that Work – Contact Us Today

Ready to seamlessly integrate a Contact Center Solution into your ShoreTel Enterprise unified communications package? Speak to a qualified engineer today by calling (206) 204-9621.

We will work with you to create a Contact Center solution that maximizes your system, personnel and budget.