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My sincerest appreciation for the quick resolution. Very satisfied and appreciate working with everyone at Inflow Communications. All consummate professionals in my opinion. Keep up the outstanding work!


Gave me some good background.


Very helpful. This will make several of my projects much easier.


Thank you for the quick and professional service!!! You guys continue to exceed my expectations!


The issue was able to be resolved. In the Settings from the main app page, her setting for “Do Not Ring this Device” was turned on. After turning it off, and testing, it works as intended


Any ticket that is commented/touched by Brad Murlin is 5 stars. He is a total rock star!


Kayla is always great to work with!


Jinn always provides excellent support.

Unified Communications Customer Testimonials

Beaverton School Distict Case Study

Replacing a 20 year old Nortel System

at the largest school district in the State of Oregon


“Inflow Communications helps ShoreTel deliver the most comprehensive communication and collaboration solution, below budget and ahead of schedule.”

ShoreTel Case Study Results. Beaverton School District5,000+ endpoints deployment
Stanley Wilson

“I am very pleased with the relationship with Inflow. Your tech support is amazing and makes my job so much better. So keep up the good work.”

Stanley WilsonDriscoll’s
Prairie State Energy

“I am really glad I went with Inflow, it’s like comparing Dollar General against Macy’s”

Prairie State EnergyInflow Customer Support Client
Paul Wogan, Director of IT | Organically Grown Company

“I felt Inflow listened to what our needs were versus what they could sell us… They were looking for a long-term partner. At Organically Grown, integrity and partnership are two of our key values. I felt we had a good connection in that regard with Inflow.”

Paul Wogan, Director of IT | Organically Grown Company2,000+ endpoints deployment
Mark Sauer, Global VP of IT | Merix Corporation

“INFLOW WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN EVALUATING OUR NEEDS…and developing a solution that seamlessly connected our overseas facilities, established global inter-office collaboration and provided rich desktop productivity tools for all our users at a net monthly cost savings.”

Mark Sauer, Global VP of IT | Merix Corporation1,000+ endpoints international deployment
Northwest Pipe Company

“The Inflow group rocks. I so enjoy working with your group. John did a great job of project manager again. He is every good at what he does and keeps everyone informed and up to date on changes. Chris is one of the best people I have worked with in quite a while. When he shows up, he has a plan for the install, we go over the plan and then execute. Chris is also very good at working with the users and making the new phone system sound even easier than it is. One last person to acknowledge – Andrea. We had a last minute change and I needed an IP655 late on Friday with me leaving for St. Louis Monday morning. Andrea got me a phone shipped to St. Louis in time for the install and said we could take care of the paper work after the install. That is putting the customer first and I like it!

Northwest Pipe Company3,000+ endpoints deployment + contact center
Pete Beebe | Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

“Your gift-card offer is certainly appreciated. For the record, my recent interactions with the Inflow support team has been wonderful. The team is responsive and knowledgeable about the ShoreTel system and I can’t honestly say I have any complaints. I’ve certainly received less desirable support from other major support vendors and the Inflow support team raises the bar.”

Pete Beebe | Leupold & Stevens, Inc.Inflow Customer Support Client
Lisa Hazen, IT Manager | Labcyte

Inflow is very responsive. We communicate VERY effectively through their online ticketing/email system.

Lisa Hazen, IT Manager | LabcyteInflow Customer Support Client
Peter Valerio

“I wanted to reach out in order to recognize one of your exceptional Inflow Communications engineers; Joe Yanuska. I had my engineer reach out to Joe to request your information as Joe was extremely helpful with a recent issue we experienced with our carrier.

We experienced a serious impact to our business as our phone system had been overrun with phantom calls which was impacting our ability to answer phone calls and this issue had been taking place for 2-3 days.

Throughout this entire time Joe was heavily involved with helping us troubleshoot the system and through extensive support determining that the issue was not on the Shoretel side but rather through the carrier. Joe even went to bat for us big time throughout while the carriers lower level support continued to be dismissive to our issues and kept insisting that the issue was on our end.

Joe would not be deterred and continued to press throughout and got Shoretel involved and in turn put more pressure on the carrier to escalate the issue to senior engineers. Joe would not take no for an answer and with his persistence and knowledge in knowing how to creatively navigate the carrier’s support team finally got us the support and attention we needed whereas the carrier was finally able to determine one of their managed devices had been compromised and applied the correct fix finally leading to a resolution.

I can’t express how thankful we were for his technical acumen, persistence and support throughout this entire episode. And while we have been fairly satisfied with IC’s support overall it’s people on your team like Joe that will keep us as long term and satisfied Inflow Communications customers – he is a tremendous asset to your organization and I wanted to recognize him as such!”

Peter ValerioDirector of Information TechnologyMeyers Nave


“When we first got ShoreTel we had a good partner and we were happy. Then they were merged with another partner and we were no longer happy. Then we found Inflow and we feel like we are home again, after working with many other partners. What you are doing with webinars and education is making us think more creatively to advance our business. We win and you win. We would be honored to be a reference if necessary. Thanks guys. Great work.” – Benco Dental


“With Inflow’s CCSM program, we have completely removed technology as an obstacle to contact center performance. We have seen our conversions and revenue increase dramatically and we have just come off a record-breaking month since implementing the recommendations provided by our CCSM consultant.”– Online Trading Academy

“Through the Inflow CCSM consultant program, we were able to identify key operational obstacles and have resolved two software issues that had been left unresolved for over a year by our previous support partner.” – Online Trading Academy

Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Inflow (formerly Ketchum) for about 10 years now. Steve has always been really helpful and quick to reply when I’ve had a need. The service with Inflow has been excellent. Since upgrading about 4 versions last year I had a few bugs to work out and they fixed them for me very fast, even one I didn’t reply to in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend them.” – Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

Central City Concern

“As an IT professional I have found that change is inevitable. Some people fear change. We hired Travis’s team (Inflow) to help us implement Shoretel’s Voice Over IP Phone System solution within our business. This involved a rather large scale change that has impacted our whole agency. Not only was Inflow able to deliver a wonderful technical solution to our agency, but they were also able to help smooth the transition for those who feared the process of change the most. Travis is an amazing talent, with a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or his team for any major communication implementation that I have now, or in the future.” – Central City Concern

Klickitat Valley Health

“I met with Leslie yesterday about our 2011 budget and we got to talking about all that we got done this year. I couldn’t help but laugh as we listed off the upgrades and changes and realized how much of it you guys at Inflow were responsible for. I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. We love the new phone system and the architecture it’s built on. I hope we can find projects to work on in the future with you. I know Nursing is looking for a new Nurse Call system and I’ll definitely seek your input as we choose a vendor so we can maximize the possibilities of our new system. Seth, Daniel and Rudy were instrumental in making the transitions a success and we definitely appreciate their work and professionalism. I just wanted to write and say thanks again.” – Jonathan Hatfield, IT Manager | 
Klickitat Valley Health

Merix Corporation

“Inflow was instrumental in evaluating our needs and developing a solution that seamlessly connected our overseas facilities, established global inter-office collaboration, and provided rich desktop productivity tools for all our users at a net monthly cost savings.” – Mark Sauer, Global VP of IT | Merix Corporation

Silverton Hospital

“We’ve worked with Inflow for a number of years now. They have been able to provide us a solid communications migration strategy away from our 20-year-old PBX to a state-of-the art multi-site ShoreTel VoIP system – all while keeping our financial and operational needs in mind. Their support and service to Silverton Hospital has been exceptional and is considered an integral part of our support strategy.” – Lentz Ferrell, IT Director | Silverton Hospital


“I highly recommend Inflow Communications! They were able to assess our current situation and recommend a ShoreTel solution that improved our communications and saved us a substantial amount of money every month.” – Steve Opbroek, IT Director | Skyline Hospital

Portland Roasting

Inflow’s support is immediate and effective. Although we’ve had few problems since they’ve installed our ShoreTel system, when we do, they’re right there to remedy it. Also, their SIP recommendations have been fantastic. SIP gives us flexibility to have phone numbers in other markets as well as save us money.” – Mark Stell, Owner | Portland Roasting


“I wanted a local vendor that I could bring in to senior management to show us the system. Inflow Communications has been very professional, friendly and responsive. I offer to compare ShoreTel to any other system – for the price and the feature set that you get, you can’t beat a ShoreTel.” – SagaCity Media

VIA Architecture

“Both guys you sent out were great, and very professional. People here found the training very helpful, and are diving right into Communicator and their phones! Inflow’s great work reflects well on me, too, and I am grateful! I REALLY wish you were handling the Vancouver (Washington) office, too… I just hope theirs goes as well as ours did.” – Bill Proctor | VIA Architecture


“I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about my most recent contact with Support.  About four weeks ago I had a need to upgrade an old T1 switch that we had on the shelf as a spare.  Due to the firmware and uboot code on the device, we had a lot more hurdles to jump through to get it up to date and match the current production environment. Because the path to my solution was lengthy, getting prompt and helpful technicians made my task a lot easier.  There seems to be more of a team atmosphere in your support department than there ever has been in the past and it shows.  Keep up the good work!” – Jeffrey Fisch | Integrated Services, Inc.

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