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At Inflow, we recognize that our customers are different - professionals that require a high level of expertise combined with technology that will align with their business objectives.

It's our role to keep our clients looking good by having their back at a moment's notice - offering real-time customer support from communication's professionals on top of their game. Anyone can say they value customer service, but our Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel tech support represents the future of customer care. In fact, we are maniacal about support, and it's evident in our satisfaction metrics, which we proudly display live and unfiltered on this website.

Inflow Communications - A Better Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Provider

  • As the premier Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Provider, we provide proven unified communication for business combined with white-glove premium customer care
  • Our Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Tech support focuses on speed of response, speed of resolution, and how happy we can make you
  • Everyone at our Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel tech support center is an Advanced Certified Mitel / ShoreTel Engineer, because we hire only the best personnel in the industry
  • Track all of your communications data in real time, route calls seamlessly, and view caller data on command with Mitel / ShoreTel products
  • At Inflow Communications we are crafting the future of customer service and tech support - check our satisfaction metrics for yourself

Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Tech Support

Why Choose Inflow as Your Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Provider

Most of our team members are Advanced Certified Mitel / ShoreTel Engineers, proficient and experienced with ShoreTel communications products. In fact, we employ the most certified engineers of any Mitel / ShoreTel reseller, and this has equated to the happiest customers in the industry.

We offer both on-site and cloud-based Mitel / ShoreTel deployment, and our new hybrid option allows you to deploy Mitel / ShoreTel Unified Communications on your own terms. Keep some offices on-site while placing others in the cloud, maintaining seamless communications between them with direct dialing and feature transparency.

Our Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel tech support center offers 24/7/365 support, so you can speak with an advanced-certified engineer any time you face a major issue. During business hours, your call will be answered by an advanced certified Mitel / ShoreTel engineer within 3 rings. After business hours, you will get a callback on all major problems within one hour.

You can also communicate with our Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel tech support center via web chat, email, and our customer service portal during business hours. Our incredibly fast response to resolution times equate directly to your happiness, so find out for yourself why we are different than every other Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel provider.

Experience Seamless Integration and Innovative Support from a Qualified Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Provider

Our engineers install a Mitel / ShoreTel system every week. There is nothing we haven't seen, and because we do one thing, which is why we are the top Dallas Mitel / ShoreTel Provider.
Test Drive our top-rated support for yourself, and find out why America's most recognizable names in business are making Inflow their communication's gurus.

Our products and services include:
  • ShoreTel Connect On Site
  • ShoreTel Connect Cloud
  • ShoreTel Connect Hybrid
  • ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
  • Contact Center for Cloud and Microsoft Skype for Business (InContact)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Network Infrastructure
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Dallas Tidbits

The history of Dallas is as eventful and colorful as any community in the US, although Dallas is relatively young when compared to many other communities. A lawyer from Tennessee named John Neely Bryan arrived in this region in 1839. Mr Bryan seemed to have a taste for adventure and was impressed with what he believed to be the ideal makings of a trading post as well as a new settlement. There was the river, Indians with whom to do business, and an abundance of raw land. In 1841, Mr Bryan went to Tennessee to see to his remaining affairs, and then he returned to Dallas. He laid out a new settlement on some 640 acres of land and designated 20 streets and even a courthouse square.

The new community grew steadily, although not without some adversity. During the 1870's, the railroads arrived in the area primarily as the result of the can do spirit of this new community. In 1914, the Federal Reserve Bank opened, and in 1915, the Southern Methodist University opened. In 1927 the Dallas Love Field Airport was established and in 1936, the Texas Centennial Exposition was hosted in Dallas. In 1973, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened, and in 1984, the Republican National Convention was held in Dallas.

There have been numerous private enterprise initiatives that have helped make Dallas a community that is known around the world, for every one of it's major public endeavors. When JS Armstrong opened his exclusive Highland Park Shopping complex just north of the community, and Neiman Marcus opened in downtown Dallas in 1907, elegant living and fashion were redefined.

Some 100 miles east of Dallas, a man named CM Joiner struck oil in 1930. With the discovery and development of the largest deposit of petroleum in the world at that time, known as the East Texas Oil Field, Dallas became the hub of all activity that was related to oil. Dallas's role as the technical and financial center for much of the drilling industry in Texas has been worth a small fortune to the state, although Dallas County had never had a working oil well. Following suit where industry and commerce, which only added to the progress and the success in the community.

The 1960's was a time of turmoil in Dallas as well as many other communities in America. In 1963, when President John F Kennedy was assassinated on a street downtown, this was the lowest point in the history of Dallas. This event casts the community of Dallas in a terrible light and had people from all over the world asking what kind of place is Dallas?

The residents of Dallas took this event hard and entered a period of deep introspection and self-evaluation, although history would demonstrate that the community of Dallas itself wasn't to blame. The community of Dallas eventually regained its self-esteem under the leadership of Mayor J Erik Jonsson.

Anyway, at that time, there was a considerable amount to be proud of. During the 1960's the Dallas Cowboys football team started their march to fame, as well as some entrepreneurs that included Mary Kay Ash and Ross Perot. Six Flags Over Texas opened close by Arlington and the Dallas Market Center continued to expand.

However, in 1965, the communities of Fort Worth and Dallas agreed to construct an airport that would serve the entire area. The dream of John Neely Bryon of a major inland port finally came true in 1973, with the opening of giant Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Fortune Magazine named the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which was the location of many major corporate headquarters, the number one business center in the world, as the 1980's came to a close. Dallas also gained international attention as the dominant force in the tourism, meetings, and convention industry. As the result of the nearly limitless variety of recreational and entertainment opportunities, many different restaurants, world class accommodations, and outstanding meeting and convention facilities, Dallas is one of the leading convention destinations in the country.

The rejuvenation of downtown Dallas as a major center for several different pursuits, such as entertainment was important to this effort. The driving forces of this Renaissance has been the continued upgrading and renovation of the downtown hotels, The West End historic District, and the Dallas Arts District.

Dallas continues to build on its strengths, such as its outstanding quality of life, excellent accessibility, flair for style, entrepreneurial spirit, mild climate, and friendly people as the community of Dallas looks forward to the 2000's. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy these exceptional opportunities. Dallas is a community where people can work, play, live, and raise a family. Although it may be large in size, the community of Dallas still has that small town feel. It is a great community with numerous opportunities of every kind.