RingCentral & Mitel Announce Strategic Partnership

In the jam-packed and competitive landscape that is the world of unified communications, Mitel and RingCentral have formed a partnership that has a long list of benefits for both companies. In an industry that has gained some high-profile players recently, the rules of the game have quickly become merge or partner. There simply is no time to build a solution from the ground up, as the pace of innovation continues to ramp up.

Big Picture Considerations For Mitel & RingCentral Partnership

This is another step towards consolidation in the market. It’s also validation that 2 of the 3 largest on-premise providers, Avaya and Mitel, couldn’t make the pivot to the cloud on their own. Cisco, the other, has taken a different approach by acquiring Broadsoft.

This is another solid bet by RingCentral who has seen some significant pressure from rivals Microsoft and Zoom after riding alone on the UCaaS leaderboard for a few years. For customers, this has proven that competition is a good thing, as the pace of innovation in unified communications has never been more furious than right now.

We have worked with both providers for several years and have invested heavily in those partnerships. Providing best-in-class service has gained us Platinum Partner Status with Mitel. We have continued to build our partnership with RingCentral having gained Preferred Partner and Top 10 Global Partner as well.

Similar To Avaya’s UCaaS Partnership With RingCentral Yet Not The Same

When it comes to a true UCaaS solution, RingCentral has been a leader for years with Mitel trying to play catch-up with MiCloud Connect. This has strong echoes of Avaya’s similar but different structured partnership with RingCentral. In that case, Avaya is selling a rebranded RingCentral product. In this case, Mitel will be positioning traditional RingCentral.

Unlike Avaya, Mitel won’t focus their attention and time on building out a CCaaS solution-they’ll focus on their on-prem business and helping migrate customers to RingCentral. Still, some interesting pieces that are TBD and we are interested to hear from Mitel’s former Chief Product Officer, now CEO, Tarun Loomba, once the dust settles.

What Does This Mean For Mitel Customers?

This gives customers a preferred path forward to the cloud with a top UCaaS solution in RingCentral. There are hints of making that transition even smoother with RingCentral acquiring the Mitel CloudLink technology. Having a clear UCaaS path is a relief for many Mitel customers who have been asking what’s next for too long.

With Inflow, you have a company that is certified and experienced in deploying, supporting, and optimizing hundreds of Mitel and RingCentral systems. We have a deep understanding of both platforms and there is no one better poised in the world to help customers in these migration experiences.

At Inflow we have always looked for the best unified communications or contact center solution for our customers, regardless of brand, having two of our partners working together in alliance helps elevate the customer experience. This provides answers to questions we have been hearing and working around for a while. Now there is a direct, clear path for migration.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

That is a question that poses more questions and has many answers! We would love the opportunity to discuss what a successful migration strategy looks like for you. We do know this, when it comes to finding the right solution each business is different, and partnerships help illuminate more options on the path to success. Let’s find a time to chat to see what all of this means for your organization!