Leveraging Virtual Agents For Your Mitel System

The bulk of the innovation efforts in the communications world is in the cloud, so if you are one of the many companies running with an on-premise Mitel system you may wonder if there are contact center options for you other than a full contact center platform. While many peers in the industry would like you to think it is an either-or decision point, here at Inflow we are known for innovation and helping you get the most out of what you currently have.

We get it, you have invested a lot of time, effort, and budget into your Mitel on-premise system and need a few contact center features out of it. There is hope, and one of the many advantages of partnering with industry leaders like Five9 is they solve problems in the contact center. Their IVA or Interactive Voice Assistant works well with the Mitel on-premise solution and makes for a better customer experience.

Interactive Virtual Agents Are Light Years From Interactive Voice Response

One of the largest barriers to having a fully functioning contact center solution is the lack of an IVA and Five9 delivers a great customer experience to bridge the gap. The notion that IVA’s have replaced IVR’s is false in our eyes. IVR’s were simply reactive, required programming upfront, and are largely an annoyance that hinders a great customer experience.

Customers prefer speaking to someone over chatbots largely because of their shortcomings when first deployed. First impressions stick and when introduced to an Intelligent Virtual Agent that delivers a great experience customers will come back. Utilizing AI and predictive analytics the IVA provides customers with their answers quickly. One of the many examples would be saying your birthdate as May 5th vs “zero five zero five”, IVA’s use logic and machine learning while IVR’s were at the mercy of programming.

Healthcare Investing Heavily In IVA Technology To Reduce Costs

According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan 43% of providers in the Healthcare industry plan on investing in this technology, and for good reason. As the struggle to onboard workers continues, the service demand due to Covid is at an all-time high.

The Covid Clinic was able to realize $2mm in savings by deploying Five9’s IVA solution. COO Alan Ruiz was able to automate the booking process for their drive-through testing utilizing Five9 IVA and reduced calls to agents by 68%. No wonder that 30% of the companies acquiring the platform over the past year have been in the healthcare industry.

Local Beer Distributor Utilizes IVA To Deliver For Their Customers

Time is money, it’s an old cliche for a reason: it’s true. When it comes to efficiencies and streamlined processes, a local beer distributor is at the top of that list. By deploying Five9’s virtual agent, customers are able to place their weekly orders accurately completely over the phone.

Not needing to enter your account number, having the system recognize the number, voice, remember past orders for reference and so much more is convenient for their customers. Think about all of the touchpoints a customer has with your company, and how many times they are asked to repeat information. Every time a customer is feeling like they have already done this before is a risk.

Building and maintaining great relationships is the cornerstone of great service and what your top agents do well. Removing the same repetitive tasks from agents and automating those tasks is a necessity for retaining talent and customer experience alike. Top use-cases include caller authentication, password resets, appointment booking, balance statement updates, and retail order and delivery status updates.

Your Agents & Your Customers Deserve Five9 IVA

Agent retention is at a premium, and enabling your agents to do what they do best which is to solve more complex issues is a must. Customers want answers quickly and accurately, the Five9 IVA delivers in this area as well.

If you are currently feeling stuck with your on-prem Mitel system you should find time to speak with our experts who can help you get the most out of your solution.