A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving is possibly the perfect holiday, literally, nothing else is expected of you except to eat, that is it, that’s the list of expectations. Can you imagine how fulfilled we would be if that was our expectation every day of the year? Maybe that is why babies are so happy and we find so much joy around them.

As Turkey day fastly approaches at Inflow we always have a lot to be thankful for, however, this year it feels there is even more than in years past. Our family has expanded with PeakView, our partner list is as robust as it has ever been, our customers have never been happier & our team remains the reason we are the best in the business — which means we are feeling pretty good this year. While we will never take any of this for granted, we did want to stop and smell the gravy and appreciate what a year it has been.

Contact Center Consulting Never Felt This Good

We announced in March that we had merged with PeakView who is an experienced, proven industry-leading cloud adoption consulting firm, with a core focus on cloud contact center technology and solutions. That accelerated our expansion and strategy for the unified communications and contact center worlds.

Not only have we grown our knowledge base, but our cultures meshed so well that it feels like this has happened years, not months ago. Like any great organization, culture is a huge focus for us so we are all very thankful to see our teams combining to elevate the customer experience in contact centers and organizations coast to coast.

The Best Partners To Help Provide The Best Customer Experience In The Contact Center

When it comes to providing the best customer experience in the contact center, the biggest differentiator for consultants is options. The more options you are able to leverage the better the fit for the client. Longstanding partnerships with contact center industry leaders like Genesys who continue to innovate and bring customer experience to new levels.

Five9 is always innovating to enhance the agent experience and make the overall operations of the contact center run more efficiently. We are thankful not just for how their platform has helped customers, but also for how it has helped us at Inflow with our agents. They have helped us take our award-winning service to become proactive versus reactive, and anticipating our client’s needs is something we hold ourselves accountable to every single day.

Thank You Old Friends For Meeting New Friends In The Unified Communications World

When it comes to today’s landscape in unified communications you can build, buy, or partner. Our friends Mitel and Avaya decided to partner with RingCentral, which will certainly make things less awkward around the table this year!

Partnering versus trying to start from scratch was absolutely the right decision, and this showcases some of the legacy players’ commitment to customer experience in the cloud. The investment of time and effort only to have a mediocre offering was on the horizon, and thank you to Mitel for recognizing that and bringing on RingCentral as a strategic partner.

Zoom solidifying themselves in the day-to-day of the Communications world outside of video collaboration is great for the entire industry. It not only ensures a true innovator is here to stay, but Zoom made the world perk up and take notice of the value our industry brings to the business world.

The Inflow Team Continues To Exceed Customer Expectations

Everyone thinks they have the best team, and at Inflow, we know that is true. We have the best team for our customers, our partners, and their families. With great benefits like paternity leave, working from anywhere you please, and a culture that is equal parts performance & fun, we continue to bring on top talent.

We consider ourselves a family and are glad to have you as a part of that family as well. Whether you are a partner, team member, or just pop in a Zoom Happy Hour with us from time to time, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving!