The Contact Center Wars Continue With Zoom

Some like to take the side door into a party, casually making an entrance with little attention being drawn their way. Maybe grab a Shirley Temple, shake a few hands, and enjoy some light hors d’oeuvres.

Then there is Zoom, who brings the fog machine blaring Van Halen and all of the stage lighting, sound, and tactics that come with a grand entrance! That is how Zoom announced its entrance into the Contact Center wars with their 14.7 billion dollar acquisition of Five9. Wall Street confirmed what many of us in the industry have seen coming for years, that CCaaS has arrived, and is the future in communications.

It Is Build, Partner Or Purchase In The Contact Center World

With the speed of innovation in the contact center coming largely from outside of the traditional players, there is little time to build a solution from scratch. Five9 delivers on agent experience which enables contact center agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Zoom Phone has the right foundation in place with the features needed to deliver in the Contact Center. What was lacking was the Workforce, Quality & Performance Management, true CRM integration & analytics needed to properly manage the operations in your Contact Center. Couple these features with intuitive artificial intelligence components & other features from Five9 and you now have a real force in the Contact Center.

Acquisition is a word we should all be familiar with after 2020 and we should all get ready for more in the Contact Center World. Microsoft has a war chest ready to deploy to continue the ascension of their Microsoft Teams product in the Communications world. Maybe when it is all said and done, we will truly return to the days of Ma’ Bell? An acquisition can lead to consolidation, and for a lot of new companies being acquired seems to be the goal, and for good reason, there is a lot of real money being thrown into the Contact Center space. The good news is that we all benefit, the rising tide raises all boats, we are all benefiting from the increase in innovation, customers, agents, and integrators included.

Skate To Where The Puck Is Going

When it comes to the CCaaS world, we saw a lot of partners, valuable players entering the space and innovating. Having just one or two solutions was no longer sufficient if we wanted to call ourselves a true solution provider & consultant within the Contact Center industry. So we made the change to a true agnostic consulting company to deliver the best Customer Experience, period. 

So we began seeking out partnerships with Genesys, Five9, RingCentral, and within the past year Zoom because we knew that they had a dedication to User Experience. Also, a good number of the Video Collaboration tools were backed by Zoom so it was a matter of time before those worlds collided.

Becoming a certified integrator of Zoom Phone was just another right move in our never-ending pursuit of Customer Experience. If you aren’t partnered with industry leaders it is hard to become an industry leader. Additionally, with all of the consolidation that is happening and going to continue to happen, it is good to have diversification in your Contact Center offerings.

Follow Along On Our Never-Ending Journey Of Customer Experience In The Contact Center

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