RingCentral: An Overnight Success Twenty Years In The Making

We have been getting more and more customers asking about RingCentral for their business over the past year than at any other time. For good reason, they have been at the forefront of the Unified Communications as a Service movement. Back when VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) was the buzzword du jour!

While their name may be now just making it to your IT Departments’ radar, they have been at it for over 20 years. Leading the way in softphone & mobile UCaaS solutions, they take a user-centric approach which was rare in our world from a manufacturer.

RingCentral Gets It Right In The Hybrid Office World

Five years ago taking a call on your laptop, transferring to your iPhone for a call ride into the office, and then finishing up the call on your desktop didn’t sound like something that people do that often. Over the past year that is a situation that happens weekly!

Every provider has an app, and a desktop application, and a desk phone. Being able to have anyone able to execute how to easily take a call through all three is what RingCentral does better than the others. The secret? User Experience. In 2021 given the state of Unified Communications today if you need a 30-minute demo on how to do anything you have already lost half of your audience.

User Experience In Unified Communications Is Like A Joke: You Shouldn’t Have To Explain It

Having everything in one place, no matter what place you are in is a necessity for efficiency. One app has calls, messages, meetings, video, text messaging, a calendar, and integrations that make sense. The user experience with RingCentral is why so many customers are considering them as a viable option. IT teams were stressed more this past year than ever, and a large majority of the calls could be mitigated by having a platform that…works!

Being able to use an application whether that is on the desktop or mobile should be intuitive. By looking at it, clicking around, and getting a feel for it you should be 85% trained, with your IT team filling in the blanks for each user. That is what RingCentral accomplishes and why users enjoy using it, yes we hear from customers often about how much they love using the platform.

RingCentral Delivers An Experience For How People Communicate In 2021

There are many times when a phone call needs to turn into a video call and then a screen share. Ten years ago to accomplish this you would need to hang up on the phone call, go log into your go-to-meeting application, hope no one else was using it at the moment. Send an invite to the person you were just on the phone with, possibly hook up a webcam or use the one on your laptop, and then after all of this, you could share what needed to be shared. I am sure you are exhausted just reading that!

RingCentral solved the collaboration riddle better than anyone. You can go from phone call to video chat, to screen share in seconds while never losing contact with the person you are speaking with. If you are under 25 years old reading this please do not take this for granted! RingCentral has solved this issue in a user-friendly way that can transform how you communicate both internally and externally with your customers.

Work Can Be Fun With RingCentral As Your UCaaS Platform

Gif’s and memes are a language all their own, and add some fun to the workday. At Inflow we have been born and raised remotely, so adding a little extra is what we do. Being able to create groups for work and fun is one of the best features that we utilize. Some of the groups at Inflow range from IT Support, Sales, Accounting to 90’s music, cute dog pictures, and water cooler talk.

If you are going to work together you need to have some fun together! Regardless if you are remote, all in one place, or most likely a combination of the two in a hybrid environment the group’s feature keeps work moving and your culture intact. I think we can all agree that those little side conversations are important to sustaining good relationships internally. RingCentral helps ensure those conversations keep going while helping your team deliver a great Customer Experience with your clients.

How You Can Harness The Original Disruptor In Cloud Unified Communications

There are so many options when it comes to making the right communication choice for VOIP, UCaaS, or whatever the buzzword of the day might be. As more and more businesses move to the cloud for their communications RingCentral has it figured out, and the business world is taking notice.

If you are in the rising number of businesses wanting to know what all the buzz is about, let’s talk about RingCentral for your business! Who knows maybe we can follow up with a few of our favorite Gifs or memes to show you just how we feel!