Investing in Our Mitel Customers For The Long Term

When it comes to supporting and investing in an on-premise customer base, no one has delivered on that commitment more than Mitel throughout their history. The unified communications world finds ourselves in a bit of a fork in the road: balancing the reality that much of the focus is in the cloud, while also servicing on-premise solutions. So many providers like Mitel find themselves wanting to keep pace with RingCentral, Teams, Zoom, 8×8 and other leaders in UCaaS.

At Inflow we’re in a bit of an easier spot, there are no “forks in the road” for us, in fact there is only one right direction: We’ll take you right where you’re at!

Maybe you are thinking of staying on-premise? We can help!

Looking at cloud? We can help!

Trying to improve your contact center experience? We can REALLY help!

Do You Feel Like You Lost The Mitel On-Premise Game Of Musical Chairs?

With a lot of disruption in the unified communications space the past few years, we have seen a lot of on-premise customers orphaned. You’ve made an investment in the platform and we’re a partner that can help you maximize that investment.

Don’t be fooled by this “either-or” decision when it comes to cloud communications. If you went with on-premise, or invested in an on-premise Mitel solution, don’t feel that you will not be supported in the future. We want to make sure you feel the Inflow love, and if you are getting the cold shoulder when it comes to support, here is what we are doing to reinforce that investing in Mitel was and will continue to be a great decision!

Scaling White-Glove Service In The Unified Communications World

Big enough to help the largest organizations, but still keep that micro approach. We are scalable so that you can be scalable and flexible right along with us. From small businesses to enterprise-level clients our culture of customer experience comes through in everything we do.

Team of Teams

Support is layered with teams inside of teams so that when you contact us, you reach a support representative that is familiar with your account. Don’t worry about repeating the previous conversation, we are going to pick up right where we left off, and remember your name!

Support Portal Gives Transparency In Service

We provide multiple ways of reaching support and getting your issue’s attention. The support portal provides transparency so you know exactly what is happening with your ticket at all times. Think of it as a pizza tracker for your business, and we definitely deliver a great experience!

Quality Assurance Program

Issues come up in business, and we know that it’s how you respond to those issues that matter. That is what drives our unmatched service levels for our customers, the response to those issues. We have a program in place for the times that we hit a road bump or an issue does occur, they will reach out to you and vet out the occurrence thoroughly.

Unparalleled Onboarding Process In Unified Communications

We make sure that you understand all of the features and value-adds available in your support agreement, and know where to go for what you need. Chat, call, email, however, you need support and whenever you need it, we deliver on our commitments.

Project Team That Is Dedicated To Your Team

Our project team is at the root of what makes Inflow tick. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with you from the kickoff call to go live. Our team is the best in the business with decades of experience and will make sure your project gets the expertise it deserves.

Customer Success Managers

You will be assigned to a Customer Success Manager who will be your one-stop-shop for anything non-project or non-support related. Think of them as your concierge in communications, assuring you always have someone to speak with directly about potential projects, issues, road mapping, and so much more.

Ongoing Education & Optimization

When you partner with Inflow for any of your communications needs we invest heavily in educating our customers through:

  • Webinars
  • User Training
  • Workshops
  • Weekly Admin Training Sessions
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • How-to articles

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Support & Success Program Features

Features are nothing without a team behind you ensuring you are getting the best out of your solution. Our Customers Success Managers deliver on helping you understand everything needed to optimize your experience. Here are a few of the common features we help you leverage:

  • Analytics/reporting
  • Advanced Call Recording
  • Conversation analytics
  • Backup Contact Center
  • Contact Center Accelerator (CCA)

Delivering On Our Commitments For The Long Haul

At Inflow, we have taken the customer-centric approach since day one, whatever you need help with we meet you there and build a plan accordingly. Whether you are wanting to keep your current system, convert some of what you have to the cloud, migrate to a cloud solution, or any combination you can think of, we have you covered.

Most providers want to fit a square peg in a round hole and “make it work” for the provider. Not the case with us at Inflow, your success is what is important. Our #1 partner is you, not any provider or manufacturer. Let’s set up a time to speak so you can see how we are helping businesses in a very different way!