Mo’ Messaging, Mo’ Problems

When it comes to messaging there is no shortage of applications that are used in a day. Remember when AOL Instant Messenger came out and we could not wait to hit our dial-up modem and fire off a smiley face to our friends across the country? That feeling has certainly waned in the decades since messaging went online, and we are inundated with messages from all directions.

When it comes to a great customer experience in your contact center, it is no longer an option to not give your customer the option to meet them where they are most comfortable. Whether that is Facebook messenger, chat, Instagram, email, or phone call. While they can’t message you on AOL any longer, the expectation is that you keep up with the latest way to communicate.

The more messaging available, the more problems this can create if you don’t have a proactive strategy in place to capture that precious data & analytics from those valuable conversations with your customers.

Messaging Is Everywhere, Except Salesforce

The great news is that you can connect with your customers in so many ways and platforms. Meeting your customers where they are most comfortable is a cornerstone of a fully optimized Customer Experience in your Contact Center. The problem that causes is not being able to track, or enter that information into your Salesforce.

We all know that if a customer has to repeat their story this deteriorates the experience. Being able to keep a good record of all the conversations your agents have in the contact center reinforces that experience. How an issue was resolved, escalated issues or opportunities you are working on with your customer need to be documented or it didn’t happen.

Efficiency Is Everything In The Contact Center

If a customer were to message your agent using social media, how efficiently are you updating Salesforce? Is that a manual process? Or are you not meeting your customer where they are because you don’t have visibility to those messages?

One of the biggest reasons holding some of our clients back from embracing new communication avenues is the lack of integration capabilities. That is a thing of the past with open API with Salesforce and our engineering team’s ability to make those integrations a reality.

Salesforce Is A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Contact Center

The biggest reason that agents don’t like Salesforce is not Salesforce itself. It is the lack of integration and understanding of Salesforce in the contact center and how it can make your agents, and customers’ lives easier.

We have seen this far too often at Inflow where a customer invests heavily in Salesforce, however, due to the lack of support (or the price tag) agents are left to manually update every single interaction with a customer. If we live in an automated world, why is this process not easier for agents?

The reality is it absolutely can be, and no one puts the pieces together like Inflow because we live in the Salesforce world every single day. Integrating messenger, email, chat, calls, voice analytics and so much more IS possible in Salesforce. Let us be the beacon to help guide you to an automated, efficient, happy contact center! Our team is ready to go to work for you.

You Can Have Happy Agents Customers And Update Salesforce

The days of compromise are over. With our partnerships, the technology available & our best-in-class team, nothing is impossible. If you have been struggling with how to create the best customer experience in your industry while maximizing efficiency, the struggle is over. Let’s set up a time to discuss all the integrations we can optimize for you in your Contact Center today!