Tom Lyons: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for December 2020

By Brendan Polk, Director of Marketing

Meet Tom Lyons, Inflow’s Core Value Hero for December 2020!

Tom Lyons is one of our SME Senior Engineers and his impact at Inflow can be seen across a lot of departments. From extensive customer projects to training new hires, Tom is always there to help with a smile on his face. And, if you’ve ever joined one of our complimentary training webinars, chances are you’ve seen/heard/learned from Tom. Here are some fun facts about Tom Lyons:

How long have you been with Inflow?

I have been with Inflow for 7 years, during that time, I have worked as a frontline support representative – the first dedicated support rep at Inflow who wasn’t in the field. After that worked in installs, and am now in the escalation chain and handle training for our incoming new hires on the support side.

What awards have you won – not just here but anywhere?

I have won a number of CVH awards as well as Employee of the Year for 2019 (which I am still humbled about). Outside of Inflow, I don’t have a lot of work-related awards, but several 1st place finishes and tournament victories in high school and collegiate wrestling, as well as two years where I qualified for the National squad. I’ve also won a few online gaming awards, specifically for having the highest ADR (average damage per round) in season 8 of Counterstrike Source in the Cyberathlete Amateur League, or CAL, which is now defunct.

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know?

I am currently competing (pending COVID) in Strongman and Powerlifting events, and working on obtaining a qualifying total for Nationals in 2021. Before Inflow, my primary source of income was competitive gaming, where I made a meager amount playing Counterstrike before the esports scene really took off. If anyone remembers the CGS (Championship Gaming Series on DirecTV), my team was one round out of the selection process at the Combine event where teams were drafted. We lost to the team that became NY 3D in our last match.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Inflow?

The efficiency and effectiveness of the team we have in place. We are often thrown curveballs on the Operations team, and time and again these curveballs are met with an absolute willingness to figure out the situation, adapt, and provide a solution to the customer for the issue at hand. Not only does the team here get to the end of the puzzle when these happen but they work great together and deliver the end result very efficiently. It makes my job a ton easier, and I can’t think of a better team to handle these kinds of tasks.

Check Out What Tom’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“I’ve trained hundreds of employees and if I had to pick another to train my former teams, I would hands down pick Tom. His attention to detail, patience and care he shows for his trainees exemplifies what a good trainer should be. None of us has asked a dumb question and been met with any kind of sarcasm or annoyance. His light-hearted attitude makes training far from a chore and makes learning actually enjoyable. Rather than us being met with someone who is only training us because it’s their job, we were met with an individual that actually cares about the subject matter and wants us to succeed, for our benefit and the company’s. Any success I might find within this company will be directly attributed to Tom’s diligence as a trainer. 10/10 would recommend.

“Lost track of how many times Tom has jumped into a situation and in a matter of minutes gotten everything fixed up. He’s a great part of the support team.

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