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COVID & The Call Center: How You Sound Is Your Brand

By Kevin Peña, Volume Purchasing Advisor at

Picture this – you walk into a clean, organized, well-lit store and the staff is sharply dressed with perfect hair. Perhaps, Justin Timberlake is casually adjusting his tie in a mirror close by. These are visual cues that communicate the quality level of that business.

At, we believe the sound quality of your customer’s and agent’s experience represents your level of quality. It’s part of your company’s brand. When your customers are engaging audibly with your “storefront” – your brand – over the phone, it is now your responsibility to curate the audio experience.

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There Is No Second Chance To Make A First Impression In The Contact Center

Ask yourself this: when a customer calls into an agent either in the contact center or at your agent’s home what is their audible first impression? Is your brand being portrayed with a full, crisp sound that’s free of background noise and distractions? Are your agent’s dogs and/or kids taking control of the conversation? Your customer forms an impression and visualizes their impression of your agent and your “office” within seconds. When you are in the office or home does the customer hear only the voice of the agent, or are they hearing multiple voices like they just called into a scene from “Boiler Room”? How your agent sounds creates a level of trust or distrust immediately.

As adorable as our family can be, it’s not ideal for a professional interaction. So are we advocating asking your employees to get rid of their kids or pets? Quite the opposite! This is where picking out the best solution for your Contact Center comes in. Company-wide standardization to a quality headset provides a consistent, professional brand experience for your Customers. The keyword here is a consistent level of professionalism through audio quality. Your customers can “feel” the difference on their end, make sure that standard is set high, and delivers the customer experience they deserve.

Consistency Should Be Audible In The Contact Center

Now, more than ever, this conversation is particularly relevant. Millions of employees have transitioned to a work-from-home environment due to COVID-19. While the positives are sweatpants and bed head – not having a reliable headset is detrimental to your agents’ ability to perform.

At the start of this work-from-home evolution, a huge strain was put on the supply chain and headset inventory was wiped out within weeks. While we managed to keep a healthy selection of the best headsets, the general availability of options became scarce elsewhere. We saw companies resorting to buying whatever they could get their hands on.

The result? Their employees are using a wide variety of headset solutions with a massive discrepancy in audio quality and reliability, severely impacting the Customer and Agent experience. From one call to the next there should be a level of consistency that your customer can feel.

Great Sounding Headsets Should Be Like Ron Popeil “Set It And Forget It”

If you want the best tasting rotisserie chicken you get the Ron Popeil Rotisserie oven, it’s easy because you just “Set it and Forget it”. Not all technology in the Contact Center is as easy as the Ron Popeil method. However, when you find the right combination like Inflow & that can enhance the customer experience in the contact center you can do the same. Find the solution right for you and “Set it and Forget it”!