A Great Customer Experience Starts With A Great Employee Experience

By Mike Dolloff, Chief Revenue Officer

Companies love to boast that “we are all family”, or “you are part of the family”. At Inflow, actions speak louder than words when it comes to our company culture. When we say “you are part of the family”, that extends to your entire family! We are excited to announce the arrival of Willow Polk, the beautiful newborn daughter of our Director of Marketing Brendan and wife Brittney.

I am excited for many reasons, including having a month free from Brendan telling me “Uhhh… I don’t know if that’s the best idea Mike.” Well, Brendan is on paid parental leave for a month, and I get told “no” enough at home. So while he is learning the art of burping and diaper changes, and figuring out how to do everything with an infant in one arm, I get free reign on our marketing efforts!

We Believe Customer Experience Starts At Home

You may be asking, “wait, Brendan is off for a MONTH?” Yes, Brendan and any Inflow parent receives 4 weeks of paid parental leave when a child is born, adopted or fostered. Any parent knows that being there to help feed/burp/rock the baby, change diapers, wash laundry, do hurried runs to the store, ordering from GrubHub, while genuinely wondering “will we ever sleep for 4 consecutive hours again!?!” will happen whether or not you are on parental leave. Allowing our team to show up for their most important team is essential.

We realize that the core reason people work anywhere is to financially support yourself and your
family. At Inflow, we believe our responsibility goes well beyond that. The balance has to be right at home for our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. When a new child comes into our lives whether that is your first or 5th (I’m looking at you, Chris Mitchell), requires a lot. Celebrating, adjusting, supporting and so much more. Making sure our team members have that time is a top priority for us, and the ROI on investing in our people always comes back tenfold with the customer experience they deliver!

Life Happens And It Gets Real – So Do We

As much as we live in a highlight reel world, things happen in life to all of us. Marriages, babies, kids growing up, parents passing away. Life is a mixed bag, and while we can’t solve all the issues for our team members we can provide the resources to help them manage those situations.

When we bring someone on, we are planning for a long career and invest in our talented team accordingly. Let’s face it, there are private issues or personal struggles that you likely wouldn’t want to share openly with others. Having things like a great Employee Assistance Program are critical to help with mental health, guidance, crisis management, and many other issues that our team could experience. Health insurance, bereavement leave, jury duty… life gets real! I know for me personally, it is sometimes chaotic. Knowing that you have resources easily accessible says a lot about how much your company cares about you.

Flexibility And Stability Add To The Employee Experience During COVID

Our always-remote environment lends itself to empower our team to always have balance. The natural balance and flexibility that this provides has proven to be an added benefit over the past 6 months. Personally, in addition to my role here at Inflow as Chief Revenue Officer, I have adopted the role of IT Admin, Teacher, Referee, and Bus Driver. If you have ever been on a call with me when any of my boys are within an earshot, well, you know it. Life doesn’t pause for a workday. Simply put, we hire great people and empower them to provide a great customer experience. At the heart of that empowerment is treating our team as they want to be treated. Notice I said how THEY want to be treated, because how Brendan wants to be treated and how I want to be treated is different. Every family is different, each team member is different, and when you have everyone part of one family in harmony, it is a beautiful thing.

Our Family Always Has Room For One More

It is a pretty simple formula here at Inflow: hire great people, treat them like the rock stars they are and get out of their way. Employee experience is behind a great Customer Experience, period. We are always looking to add amazing people to our team. If you would like to know more about Inflow, our amazing benefits, our culture, or how bad I am at refereeing my boys wrestling matches, drop me a line. We would love to speak about how you can join Willow and her Dad Brendan and become part of the extended Inflow Family.