Winning the RoboCall Battle in Your Contact Center

By Mike Dolloff, Chief Revenue Officer

When that phone rings on the sales line the anticipation, hope and possibilities seem endless. We picture those calls going something like this:

“Hello, thanks for calling Inflow Communications, how can I help you?”

[long pause]

“Let me make sure I captured that all accurately: you have 500 agents, are interested in replacing a bunch of old disparate systems with an omnichannel cloud contact solution. You are looking for a great contact center technology company to help you to strategize your customer experience. Your goal is to make a technology evaluation and transition over the next 120 days?”

[short pause]

“Excellent – well you’ve certainly got the right place”…

[Raucously high fives spouse/cat/dog/kid/WFH companion of choice].

THOSE are the calls we all want coming into our sales lines.

Car Warranties & The Contact Center Don’t Mix

More and more the calls coming into all of our teams across Inflow were from Carmen at Card Holder Services, or about our car warranties expiring. Just the latest in the world of scams that keep us on our toes and annoy us.

Nobody loves RoboCalls, and the reason this is a thing is that surprisingly, like the famous “Prince of Nigeria” email scam, this actually works a small percentage of the time. It is a complete numbers game and in 2019 hundreds of millions of dollars were lost to scams that stem from calls like these.

RoboCalling Meets The RoboCop Of Inflow

While we didn’t think anyone on our team at Inflow would fall for these scams, we knew they were an absolute productivity killer, and taking up precious time we could be helping our customers. They were annoying and distracting, but we just accepted it as unsolvable because the RoboDialers out pulsed different phone numbers so we couldn’t block them. So, we moved on.

We had accepted defeat until a few weeks ago when I was chatting with one of our engineers and mentioned the annoying, unending robocalls. He offered to take a look at the call flow to see if he could think of anything. I agreed and we dug in.

In about 30 seconds of reviewing the call flow, he said “ah, okay we can get rid of those junk calls really easily. We just need to insert a menu that requires someone to press a number to get through.”

Bingo. Too easy!

RoboCops Solution For The Contact Center

So now if you dial into our friendly team at 844-446-3569 – or one of the 100s of other sales numbers you will hear: “Thank you for calling Inflow’s sales team. If you are an existing customer please press 2. All other callers please press 3.”

Nothing is too small of a detail when it comes to Contact Center efficiency. The simple menu is the end of the road for all of the RoboCalls that were wasting our team’s time and taking us away from actual people needing help. So now when a human is calling us we’re able to get it quickly and help them out. The number of RoboCalls we get now? ZERO. That is a lot of productivity we have collectively gained back at Inflow.

Nothing Replaces The Real Thing In The Contact Center

Would I prefer that we didn’t have a menu? Absolutely. Like Marvin & Tammi famously sang “There A’int Nothing Like The Real Thing”. Having that quick menu in place was worth it for us because it allowed us to take real calls from real customers, and the quantity justified the small adjustment. There are often tradeoffs with customer interactions, and having that menu means our Customer Experience after the menu allows for zero margin of error.