How to Setup Intelligent Call Routing with Genesys Cloud Skills

October 15, 2020

Getting calls to agents as efficiently as possible is generally the goal when setting up a flow in Genesys. While we don’t want our callers waiting any longer than they must, it’s also important to get the caller to the best resource possible. You may have a need to callers to be able to choose to talk to agents that speak a specific language or are experts in a specific product. You may also have agents that are more skilled than others at troubleshooting a specific program or issue and you would like callers with a related problem to get to those agents first if they’re available. We open many custom routing opportunities when we configure an ACD call flow with skills in play.

What are Skills?

A skill in Genesys Cloud is an expertise, knowledge, or certification that is assigned to an agent. If an incoming interaction requires a particular skill, only agents with the assigned skill will be offered the interaction. Examples of skills might be Linux, Windows, Billing, Sales, or Escalation. Agents with assigned skills can have a proficiency rating for those skills as well.

Skills-based routing in Genesys allows you to determine the best agent possible for any given interaction based on the customer’s requested language or the particular subject for which they’re contacting your team.

Are Languages Skills?

Yes! They’re configured separately from the customizable ACD skills, but languages also play a critical role in call routing when you’re serving a multi-lingual customer base. Any of the language skills defined in the Administration side of Genesys will be available for call routing on the Architect side as well. You can define spoken and written languages if you’re utilizing both voice and text communication channels such as email, chat, or SMS.

What is Proficiency Rating?

Each skill has an associated proficiency rating that can be applied to an agent’s skill level. This defines how well an agent understands or performs the skill they’ve been assigned. The proficiency rating is set with a star rating in Genesys, with the use of half stars as well giving you a 1-10 proficiency rating. An agent with a higher proficiency rating would get a call marked with their skill versus an agent with a lower proficiency rating in the same skill. This allows you to create tiers of service within a single call queue.

Here is an example use case:

One or more of your voice queues gets callers that speak either English or Spanish. In the menu leading up to the voice queue, you ask the caller what their preferred language is. During the call flow, the interaction is tagged with the caller’s preferred language as a skill.
You have two agents in a voice queue. One is only assigned the Spanish language skill at a 5-star proficiency, and one has a 5-star proficiency in English but also has a 2.5-star proficiency in Spanish.

A call has come through your ACD call flow that has been tagged with the Spanish language skill. Your agent with the 5-star rating in Spanish will be offered this call if they are available even though the agent with the 2.5-star rating also has the Spanish skill. If the agent with the 5-star rating was already on an interaction, the call would be offered to the agent with the 2.5-star rating.

How do we implement skills?

You must first add the desired ACD Skills and Languages to the Admin section of your Genesys organization. This is located under Contact Center > ACD Skills & Languages. Creating skills consists of adding the names of the skills to this section. Try to be brief, but descriptive with your skill names. Instead of something like “Sales”, add a skill for “Sales – Marketing” or “Sales – Outbound”.

Administrator permissions are required for this section to be visible.

After your skills are created, you must now choose how your ACD queue will evaluate those skills. This is controlled by setting your Evaluation Method and Routing Method on your Queue.

Your evaluation method choices are Best Available Skills, All Skills Matching, and Disregard Skills Next Agent. Best Available Skills will find the longest idle agent that has all the required skills for the call and the highest proficiency rating. All Skills Matching will find the longest idle agent with all skills matching regardless of proficiency. Disregard Skills Next Agent simply sends the call to the longest idle agent and ignores all skills. Note that Language skills are evaluated separately from ACD skills.

For advanced skill usage, you may also set your Routing Method to Advanced Routing. This opens up the ability to use Bullseye Routing on calls. With Bullseye Routing, when a call first hits the queue, it will be checking for agents with all applicable skills. You can then set additional ‘Rings’ that will remove one or more skill requirements after set periods of time. This would allow you to get the caller to an agent after being in queue for a determined amount of time even if that agent doesn’t have the particular skill the call was originally tagged with.

What else can I do with skills?

This is where Inflow comes in! Utilizing skills in your ACD implementation can open many doors for custom routing. We’d love to help you streamline your workflow. For more information regarding call flow optimization and any other needs your team might have, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

Not an Inflow customer?

You have a choice when it comes to your Genesys Cloud partnership. Let’s chat about your options today!

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