Bert Harris: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for June 2020

By Brendan Polk, Director of Marketing

Meet Bert Harris, Inflow’s Core Value Hero for June 2020!

Bert Harris is one of our fantastic Technical Team Leads at Inflow. Bert has been with Inflow for a few years now and we are proud to have him on board as part of our award-winning support team. Here are a few fun facts about Bert:

Why did you want to work at Inflow?

I want to work at Inflow as they are a collection of some of the best support engineers around. Engineers interested in locating and resolving issues for the customers, rather than kick the can to someone else to handle and dismissing the customer in the process.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

What excites me about this job are our customers. Each one has a new and interesting setup with unique challenges. Such a fun adventure!

What awards have you won?

I’ve won CVH at least 1 other time, along with my awards for 100% customer satisfaction for the last 3 years here at Inflow.

Any fun hobbies?

I enjoy playing video games with my son, watching professional wrestling, and building computers.

Check Out What Our Customers Had to Say

“Bert did great working with AT&T and finding out problems in our setup from previous vendors that led to ATT pinpointing the issue on their end.”

“Fast and efficient service to correct the issue.”

“Prompt, accurate response – much appreciated!”

Check Out What Bert’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“Bert Harris for handling the customer issues like a rockstar

“I’m not even going to break down into the categories because Bert has hit every single one in just the last week alone.

Not only did Bert work for 20 hours straight on the Zillow issue, then jump right back into it when he returned, but he has also, on two occasions, stepped in to cover on-call when one team member had a family issue and the other was unable to get calls due to the AT&T DDoS.

Bert regularly makes suggestions about how to build better processes, observations on things that aren’t working as expected, bug reports when things aren’t working correctly and takes a very active role in trying to better his team, the support department and the company as a whole.

Bert’s dedication to extraordinary customer service and satisfaction, his willingness to step in wherever and whenever he is needed and his commitment to Inflow DEFINITELY make him a hero and he needs to be recognized.

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  • Think Big, Dream It, Do It

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