Take a Regular Pulse of Agent Engagement in Your Remote Workforce

In the face of the current crisis, it’s challenging to ensure continuity of business operation, especially with agents still settling into their new work-from-home environment.

In an effort to help ease some of the challenges and give you a fast, enhanced view of how your agents are coping, Inflow, together with Call Journey – our global speech analytics partner -have put together a get started package for you to get up and running NOW!

Here are some of components of the Genesys/Call Journey offering for our PureCloud Customers on PC2 or PC3:

  • Waived onboarding fees for Genesys PureCloud customers – get started with an
    advanced conversation analytics solution STRAIGHT AWAY with no integration or set
    up costs!
  • Purchase 2000-hour blocks as needed for:
    • Audio Processing
    • Transcription
  • NO annual commitment. Consume as needed for the next 90 days to get started
  • Free conversation analytics software with no licence fees – unlimited users
  • Low cost barrier of entry (5 hours of audio processing and insights costs the same as a
    cup of coffee)

How does it work?

Call Journey is fully integrated with Genesys PureCloud (PC2 and PC3), giving you the ability to instantly monitor agent performance on every customer call and analyse agent performance, engagement, sentiment, and emotion. With Call Journey, you can have a full grasp of your agents’ “health and wellbeing” even if they’re working remotely from home.

Call Journey’s dedicated team of software data engineers are in the process of adding new search criteria and search frameworks into its eco system with regards to COVID-19. Soon to be added to Call Journey’s comprehensive suite of search frameworks will be:

  1. An enhanced employee engagement App, which further pinpoints their staff’s level of engagement intraday, every minute, every call, everyday 
  2. A specific COVID-19 App, which allows customers to get a quick, real-time pulse on customer sentiment and emotion around COVID-19. 

Call Journey also has key strategic partnerships with top providers of Customer Experience solutions, including Genesys and MICROSOFT, and has helped hundreds of businesses tap into their voice interactions and gather valuable insights in just a few clicks of a button.