Helping the CDC with Your CC (Contact Center)

Unless you have been on Mars for the past week you know that the coronavirus is all over the news. Airlines, Cruise Ships, anyone who has traveled all have the containment of this pandemic on the top of their minds.

So the question becomes if the CDC issued an alert preventing your staff to go and work on-site at your Contact Center, Call Center or business would you be prepared? Or would you be completely baffled on what to do? We have put together some things you can do right now to make you feel easy, not queasy when it comes to preparing for the worst.

Something More Frightening To Your Contact Center Than The Coronavirus

Fifty percent of businesses saw an interruption of some kind over the past year, with the majority of those interruptions lasting over one day. Think about the financial impact to your Contact Center this would have.

To take this a step further eighty percent of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business in 3 years. EIGHTY PERCENT! That is a staggering number, and as the saying goes the best offense is a good defense. We don’t want to scare you, just being real here. Shutting down your Contact Center should never be an option, not with the advancements available to you today.

First Step: How easily can you deploy remote workers in your contact center?

Almost 70% of companies do not have a backup plan for their contact center. Once you develop a plan you will feel a sense of ease knowing that if something were to happen suddenly you could face it head-on. A few questions to think about are:

  • Does your contact center have a rollover process?
  • Can your agents work from anywhere and any location?
  • What are the required steps from an administrator’s point of view?

If the majority of your business depends on premise-based solutions, having a flexible plan in place is even more critical. Because if you can’t be ON-PREMISE you have no solutions to work with. While we service and love on-premise and cloud equally in the Contact Center world, having a cloud-based backup, or the ability to spin one up quickly is a must.

Partners Matter In Life And In Your Contact Center

We aren’t able to do anything alone, and anyone in the Contact Center space knows that having an army behind you matters. Partnering with companies like Talkdesk and Genesys gives us the ability to migrate customers quickly in preparing for something like the coronavirus. In fact with Talkdesk Boost customers can get three months at no cost in the spirit of business continuity.

As a Contact Center your primary focus is on the customer experience, and having your agents in your desk in your building or their desk at home should never have an effect on that experience. Location should never impact the service level your customers depend on. With solutions like Twilio, you can access your contact center anywhere which ensures your customer service won’t ever miss a beat.

Your Contact Center Safely In The Cloud With Mitel ECC

Having a solution in place like Mitel’s Enterprise Contact Center Solution means what would have taken weeks can be spun up in hours. Remote agents are exactly that, remote, and the solutions provided can be deployed quickly and are as simple as logging in from home. While “The Cloud” is used far too often as a buzzword, business continuity is the number one reason why it exists.

Whether it’s COVID-19, a ransomware attack, or your building losing power for a week, having your Contact Center ready to go in an emergency isn’t just something nice to have. It is your responsibility to your employees and customers as well.

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